Grand Theft Auto 5: What we want to see

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful gaming franchises in the universe (we know, we've checked). The most impressive thing about Rockstar's gangster 'em up though is how sustained its success has been.

It's not just a case of the latest being the greatest. As good as IV is, Grand Theft Auto has been a favourite among gamers since the top-down days of 1997.

Is it a prefect franchise? Hellz no! In fact, we've come up with a few improvements of our own for GTAV, if you don't mind.

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Hellsvacancy2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Manual gears, sounds silly, but y cant they do that 1 simple little thing?

Oh, and, i also wanna b able 2 hear MY own music (PS3) i can c me drivin, runnin people over listenin 2 this BIG smile on my stoned lookin face

gtamike2921d ago

Just don't make the next gta as bas as gta4.
just look back at the features and gameplay of old gta's and you can't go wrong again rockstar.

deadreckoning6662921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Agreed. GTA4 was boring compared to the masterpiece that was San Andreas. I LOVED skydiving in that game! :D

@SephireX- I can appreciate a mature story..thats what GTA4 was, a mature story. The problem was that GTA4 took itself too seriously. San Andreas combined fun and drama pitch perfectly.

Dee_912921d ago

GTA 4 was fun but compared to the older GTA gameplay wise it was somewhat boring
I still enjoyed it
my most anticipated games

vsr2921d ago

Full of Bluray
1080p @ 60fps
optional Move support
Should be better than GTA trilogy on PS2

blumatt2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Fully use bluray disc. All 50GB. Use Cell processor to max. Remake San Andreas. Make it bigger and badder. And a 3 mile high mountain to parachute from like the original. Also, I want in-game music for it so i can make my own radio station.
Edit: Oh and one more thing. Bring back controller input cheat codes like Vice City and San Andreas so we don't have to use a cell phone to put in cheats. That was a pain in the ass. I remember in Vice City I used to spam the "tank spawn" cheat code until there were so many tanks on screen, it would slow down the frame rate. lol

Edit: @ XactGamer Well, I can still hope, right? Who's to say Sony won't pony up the dough to do it? They have always had a good relationship together, so it's not THAT farfetched.

XactGamer2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

What you want isn't going to be what you get, so get over it.

soundslike2921d ago

Agent(PS3 only) will probably make gta4 look like a paint drying simulator so keep your pants on.

DaTruth2921d ago

I'm starting to question the existence of Agent! I hope it's real, but it was announced a long time ago and we haven't seen a pixel since!

toaster2921d ago

I want to see an actual good game.. GTA4 was shit. Poorly optimized, low res textures, shitty AF, no AA whatsoever, the most boring story of all the GTA games and probably the whole Rockstar library. Everything about GTA 4 makes me want to vomit. It definitely doesn't deserve the praise it got.

Hopefully Rockstar can regain my faith. I loved Vice City and San Andreas, but 4 was just an absolute mind fuck.

SephireX2921d ago

I disagree. It was the best game this gen imo and a great looking game considering it is a sandbox game. There is a lot of subtle depth to the game. Some people just don't have the depth or intellect to appreciate it. So I suppose they have to try to please the masses.

toaster2921d ago

I played the 360 version and the PC version, the PC one was a nightmare. Took up too many resources and still looked and played like crap. Literally started it and ragequit within 15 minutes. I didn't get far in the 360 version because the story was just so bland. But hey, to each his own. Hopefully they'll get the PC version done right next time, until then I'm staying away from Rockstar games.

Sunny_D2921d ago

How does the subtle depth have anything to do with how fun it is? If you want to just stand there and observe the "subtle depth all day" Go ahead. But, still makes GTA4 a boring ass game.

SephireX2918d ago

It all accumulates and provides fun in many different ways. The gameplay is brilliant, from the cool physics to the fluid shooting. I enjoyed the story but to each his own.

R2D22921d ago

Hated the fact that people would keep ringing my cell to ask me if I want to go play pool or darts.

And more places to spend my money - I finished the game with allot of money and had no where to spend it.

Matthew942921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

actually there is a call blocking feature you just fail.

its called silent mode

Eamon2921d ago

Silent mode doesn't block calls. lol

He means that it's annoying to get a call in the middle of a mission. I kept my phone on silent throughout the entire game and I still felt it was a bit annoying.

Rahim922921d ago

Although I can't wait to hear an official word from Rockstar about GTA V, I don't think there is a need for GTA V wish list articles almost every week.

Blaine2921d ago

the targeting system was just bad, the combat mechanics awful, and the cover mechanics lame.

Even the controller mapping was messed up. A game shouldn't need to keep telling you which button does what 30 hours into playing it. (Thankfully there was an option to turn this off, but then sometimes the controls were extremely unintuitive.)

Other than the gameplay: everything else that was mentioned above. Better story, a main character that isn't a whiny bitch posing as a badass, more places to spend money, bigger world with rural areas, planes, etc. Oh, and most of all, FUN. GTAIV suffered from a severe lack of it. Not only because the gameplay was bad, but also because the missions were unimaginative and way too structured (they allowed for very, very little creativity in execution on the user's part, instead forcing us to play them out exactly as they were scripted--a stupid decision for a sandbox game), and because the overall tone of the game was too serious--and in a bad way. It's one thing to be serious, but this game tried too hard so it just fell on its face.

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