Games Radar reviews Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

It's serviceable but uninspired, and won't do much for you unless you're a big fan of either of the source materials.

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MK_Red4160d ago

Great find. But I think it deserved a lower score but I'm not a DW or Gundam fan so I'm not the best person to talk about this game.

Yaoi Sangheili4160d ago

In my opinion, I find this crossover to be rather.. enticing. I played the demo, and actually enjoyed it.. though I have hardly any love for the other Dynasty Warriors, I think the change of scene gives it a slightly different flavor that some may love to death, and others will just want it condemned to death. If you're for mindless button mashing to squash countless enemies, with sub-boss and boss battles that'll give you somewhat of a fight, then this is probably a good purchase.. otherwise you're either wasting your time, but that's just my opinion.