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Previous Castlevania games have been pretty poor of late, the latest being Harmony of Despair and I won’t beat around the bush about it. I thought it sucked balls. So after hearing that Hideo Kojima had gotten involved in the new reboot, I had incredibly high hopes for Lord of Shadows…and it really does not disappoint.

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RankFTW2915d ago

This review is pretty much bang on, such an amazing game and I mean amazing.

MicroSony4Life2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

and very,very underrated.

This and Red Dead Redemption are the 2 games that came out of no where and surprised me - I think more developers should do the same, which is announce a game no more than 1 year prior to release date and not give us half of the story and gameplay before the game is released.

Good job Konami and Mercury Steam for giving us this EPIC game and looking forward to the DLC.

Spoiler Alert - make sure you watch the ending cinematic scene after the credits when you finish the game MADNESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

R2D22915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

then go pick this game up right now. The puzzle solving in this game is something that I missed since Code Veronica and the QTA is minimal and well implemented.

The game took me 18 Hrs to complete and two boss fight will give you a hell of a time to beat.

The only thing that was missing from this game is some RPG elements and an open world because the art style and world is so amazing you want to explore every thing.

This also made me want to play a next gen Legacy of Kain - does anyone know if Crystal Dynamics is still around and to they still own the IP?

pr0digyZA2915d ago

They are still around (been doing the last couple of Tomb Raiders) , infact they just released Tomb Raider guardian of light which is pretty awesome.I think Eidos has the rights to the Kain series (could be wrong though).

dredgewalker2915d ago

I played it and it's good but it still cannot take my heart away from Symphony of the Night. The ending though was a little predictable since they did the reboot and the story is a bit similar to Dante's Inferno. The only thing that surprised me was the last ending scene. What really bothers me is that it offers little replayability other than playing with a Snake skin.

xyxzor2915d ago

It's ten hours longer than most of the games in the genre. I would call that excellent replayability.

dredgewalker2915d ago

I guess the long gameplay is a plus but I honestly can't feel myself playing again, maybe I'll give it time before I have another go.

Ahasverus2912d ago

This is one of those rare games that gets better with more replays. Once you know ehere to jump, where not to jump, which button is to rpess etc, all your annoyances the irst time are gone, even the platformer is really agile onece you've acoustumed to it!

fossilfern2915d ago

I just completed it yesterday, fantastic game great ending and can't wait for another

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