VideogameUK Review: Medal Of Honor (Multiplayer) (Xbox 360)

From the review:

"Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company. Both big names with a lot of multiplayer fans. One specialising in close, twitchy firefights and the other featuring drawn out conflicts over large vehicle strewn stretches of land. Medal of Honor tries to muscle in between and offer the player a new option somewhere between the two styles of play. Even using DICE, the well respected developers of Battlefield Bad: Company, to build its multiplayer element and establish it as a future contender.

Sadly, it gets itself stuck between wanting to be an objective based shooter like Battlefield and a fast killstreak based game like Modern Warfare. And that’s when it’s not lagging. (Update: servers seem to be improving, thankfully.) Rifleman, Special Ops and Sniper are your options, the non-scoped variants cramming explosives, heavy machine guns and shotguns into their load outs. You start with fairly average weapons and the issue of balancing becomes prevalent straight away."

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