Killzone 3 vs Crysis 2: Action-Packed Beta Comparison

Killzone 3 or Crysis 2? Which game offers the better first-person shooter action?

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NoLongerHere2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Killzone 3 looks a lot better, no surprise.

But this comparison reminds me of :

MotorStorm 2 VS Pure
InFamous VS Prototype
GoW III VS Dante's Inferno

And PS3 exclusives always win.

Tachyon_Nova2918d ago

Killzone 3 looks a lot darker and grittier. Also looks (and sounds) a lot like KZ2. But I don't think it looks a lot better.

One thing interesting about Crysis 2 is that some footage shows it running fairly poorly (such as this video), yet other footage shows it running super smoothly. Strange.

reload442918d ago

multiplat against exclusive. enough said

piroh2918d ago

the comparison should be KZ2 vs Crysis 2

btw, that Ipod contributor is probably german advertising his own site lol

kratos1232918d ago

Damn both games are beast . But I like the settings and the stories off both games atleast there trying to be creative instead of Lame games like cod and moh keep the uniqe settings coming guys

DigitalAnalog2918d ago

I know it's pre-alpha, but crysis 2's screen tearing is horrendous. As opposed to Killzone 3's gameplay vid which is just plain stable (as always 'v-synced')

-End statement

morganfell2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

The two games are pretty much at the same development state. They are scheduled to ship within 30 - 40 days of one another.

DaTruth2918d ago

If your going to use this screen name you should probably finish every comment with, "It only does_____!"

Dark-Cloud2918d ago

why they always compare stupid games to ps3 exclusive games ?.. they always lose !! and they still defend the games >.< , fanboys !!!
crysis is good in pc but not good in consoles ... that's my opinion ...
why the hell did they compare crysis to killzone 2 ? ..

King-Leonidas2918d ago

YEP, Killzone 3 looking good.

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SaberEdge2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Killzone 3 looks more polished.

Crysis 2 looks good, but it doesn't run as smoothly and it also seems to have some screen tearing. The detail in Killzone 3 is also amazing and I personally think it surpasses Crysis 2 from what I have seen so far. That said, Crysis 2 is coming out a month after Killzone 3 so maybe they will have time to polish it more.

TRU3_GAM3R2918d ago

i think the comparison should be fear 3 vs killzone 3 because i don't know why this reminds me of killzone

Rhythmattic2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


I disagree as Fear 3 seems to have more of a Crysis feel with those screen shots..

To add.... It reminds me "artistically" of Crysis...

bustamove2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I'm getting Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 if it's good but Killzone 3 won hands down. o-o

darkman862918d ago

I'm getting both games but Killzone 3 > crysis 2

pedrami912918d ago

They're two different games.

boing2918d ago

one has brown and other colours

MURKERR2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i just dont get the new breed of fanboys,their so predictable.

atleast when i first joined n4g years ago (when ps3 was truly bashed everday from pillar to post,the fanboys of that era the zhucks.gec,mart etc came up with witty comments,fanboyish but still witty at times

the new breed like greenring,boing etc are truly woe-some

bageara2918d ago

Just take a bubble and ignore, simple

MURKERR2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

also guerilla games stated about the colour issues of the first game then metioned the jungle so im assuming KZ3 HAS COLOUR

@bageara n4g is basically a forum,on forums people have their say,and if fanboys like boing make me nostalgic for the fanboys of yesteryear ill express my opinion...simple

bageara2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Hey dude its up to you man, but remember, feed the troll at your own risk

MURKERR2918d ago

.the word always makes me laugh 'troll' i need to know who thought of that first

reload442918d ago

you are right one is realistic and other cartoonish

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Hellsvacancy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I think "troll" is a bloody stupid word, i get well pissed of when mofos call me 1 (WHICH I AINT!) i bet u it was an American that thought it up, dont sound lie summin an englishman would think up

Lets change it, hmmmm, "to vhat to my ask" im thinkin im thinkin, all my little brain can think of is swear words

Edit: I got it, u label em ALL as like 1 entity, 1 family, 1 religion, the N.L.A

the -National.Loser.Associat

4get me, i feel wasted woohoooo

Silly gameAr2918d ago

Dude, you're ripped apart lol

Rhythmattic2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


At Least your honest.

Rhythmattic2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Bam.... Opps

Odin7772918d ago

I think troll derives from a fishing technique or something.

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beast242tru2918d ago

i dnt understand but i like how killzone 3 looks i like the rough gritty look but i wud mabe buy both thier diff

ElDorado2918d ago

Crysis 2 (pre-alpha) just got ethered (destroyed) by Killzone 3 (pre-alpha). For fanboys it's hard to accept, so disagree all you want.

Tachyon_Nova2918d ago

I don't think it got destoryed, those videos were inconclusive in terms of texture detail and particle effects for example. Gameplay wise, well I guess thats upto your preference, but there is much more to both games than what was shown in the video.

ElDorado2918d ago

it's Pre-Alpha and even if it is Pre-Alpha the video quality is poor. But for me Killzone 3 takes the win by far. I'm sure KZ3 will be mindblowing.

Nihilism2918d ago

"it's Pre-Alpha "

Rofl, whatever makes you sleep at night. Both games currently have betas out now, so pre-alpha is B.S, it might have been 'alpha' 6 months ago, but pre-alpha...get a f-ing clue.

If i'm not mistaken KZ3 is coming out just before Crysis 2, so any excuses you use for KZ3....also apply to Crysis 2. But the difference is you don't see people going around trying to convince themselves Crysis 2 is going to magically look 10x better before launch.

Pre-alpha= planning stages of a game...

boing2918d ago

crysis isnt using low res particle effects

AK462918d ago

How is Crysis 2 still in pre alpha stage when their original release date for the game was Q4 2010?

DaTruth2918d ago

Those are online betas for testing netcode, that doesn't stop the gamecode from being pre-alpha or alpha.

Only speaking for whether the online betas have anything to do with the game state.

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ElDorado2918d ago


If i'm not mistaken KZ3 is coming out just before Crysis 2, so any excuses you use for KZ3....also apply to Crysis 2"

What are you talking about? I said both of them are pre-alpha, so it ain't a excuse.

"Crysis 2 (pre-alpha) just got ethered (destroyed) by Killzone 3 (pre-alpha)"

Steven ter Heide (Senior Producer) himself said that it's still Pre-Alpha, so what's your point?

ZombieAssassin2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

whoever recorded this did a very bad job, i can't tell if all the screen tearing on Crysis 2 is from the actual game or the crap recording job.

lol @ the disagree, just watch the video and see it for yourself...even though we all know why I got the disagree.