Gran Turismo 5: Stunning HD Footage Emerged

A new hd gameplay video (cam) of Gran Turismo 5 shows Nissan Motul Autech GT-R in Rome.

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Bereaver2918d ago

Better comment, this is not the real tree simulator.

I love GT5, and I appreciate the perfection they put into it. I'm not afraid of the trees.

Redrum0592918d ago

Evilblackcat is no car/sim enthusiest

hes just a hardcore Forza fanboy that uses pc car sims as a weapon to bash GT5 (since he knows damn well forza3 cant be used in any ways to trash talk the GTseries)

Narutone662918d ago

Turn 10 employee came to the GT5 thread to troll again.

ExplosionSauce2917d ago

PC sims aren't "real" sims either.

But I think PC sims and console sims like Forza and GT are sims in their own right.

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tinybigman2918d ago

there is something seriously wrong with a person if they are focusing on trees while driving.

Ilikegames762917d ago

who focus on painting their car with power ranger or barbie dolls rather than the driving.

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dedicatedtogamers2919d ago

Finally, someone in a video that can actually play the game without crashing every corner :D

cygnuszero22919d ago

Weird, right out of the gate I watch the guy try to take the first turn to fast and plow into the wall.

sagapo2919d ago

funny, the buildings look very nice, but the trees look like balls of green cotton.

Close_Second2919d ago

...are the weakest link in an otherwise visual feast. I know its not important but I find them distracting as everything else looks so good.

ExplosionSauce2919d ago

I never really paid any attention to the trees much until people started bring it up.
At first, out of all the things people could talk about GT, they said "trees" and I was like "wuuut?" Lol

Close_Second2919d ago

...its a small thing but they stand out because everything else looks so darn good.

JOLLY12918d ago

it is the flat grey road and the tire squeel. Those 2 things, for some reason, drive me insane!

MaximusPrime2919d ago

Urm... Racing is more important than buildings and trees. Your eyes are focus on the track not trees.

sagapo2919d ago

but when you watch a video of someone racing (or your own replay for that matter), you have the time to focus on the surroundings.
It's just that there seems some difference in texture quality between the buildings and the trees, that's all. But like you said; when racing yourself, you won't focus on the surroundings that much.

bustamove2918d ago

Honestly, are you guys going to be looking at trees when you're driving? :)

But I agree...the trees could have been a little better. Still, this game looks awesome so far.

SoSLy2918d ago

Your one of those drivers who has alot of insurance to pay cause of your driving. Your suppose to concentrate and drive not look at the trees.

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TroyAndAbed2919d ago

It looks great!

Can we please stop with the abnormal adjectives though?

Belasco2918d ago

Thank you, I have come across the word "stunning" one too many times lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.