GC: Hands on with God of War: Chains of Olympus

Upon entering Sony's Heavenly Sword stand at the Leipzig Games Convention (which was cramped and seemingly infested with elbows) Pocket Gamer were delighted when they nearly sat on a God of War: Chains of Olympus demo unit, which was nestling on a bean bag and tucked away in the only quiet corner of the booth.

If you work the sort of job that has you coming home filled with tightly coiled rancour, then God of War: Chains of Olympus definitely seems to be the game you'll need to burn off some of that latent aggression.

The section Pocket Gamer got to play began at the fabled battle of Attica, from where they were able to play almost an entire level.

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THE_JUDGE4069d ago

How is it no one is excited about this game. I'd kill for some more Kratos. I love the series and definetly want to give this a spin in my PSP. I just finished KZ:Lib and moved on to Tomb Raider, hopefully this will be out after I finish that and MGS: PO.

Amp4069d ago

Dont Worry, With the new slim psp and this game, every plane trip, bus ride, car trip, will be filled with Kratos!!

marcellizot4069d ago

MGS PO is already out but you are quite right to be excited about this. After Crisis and Portal this is probably the best thing I played at GC and yes I did play Lair, Hevenly Sword, Warhawk and Haze.