How to Clean Your PS3

Dust, dirt and grime are the enemies of all electronics. Whether you keep your Sony PS3 out in the clear like a shining black example of elegant design or tucked deep in the recess of your entertainment cabinet – you need to take steps to protect your investment and clean your PS3 from time to time.

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big_silky4361d ago

dip a q-tip in isopropyl alcohol to get all the love juice out of the nooks and crannies.

spunnups4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Where would you advise I stick the Q-Tip?!

I won't hold my breathe on a reply lol

deadreckoning6664361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )


@joydestroy- I have a 60gb fat as well. How do you take it apart to clean it?

ReservoirDog3164361d ago

Is step 3 on this list that dangerous fan thing?

freezola754360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

$70.00 to have my ps3 disassembled and fans, vents and ports cleaned.. (I can't do that stuff
) I wanted to get it to run quietly again. Does not seem to be cleaned as well as I thought it would. But the auxiliary fans aren't humming so I am relatively relieved at that...

That self-cleaning crap does not work for the 60 gb.

Funny thing is... the guy who cleaned my ps3 said that the fans were unusually larger... I wonder if thats a good thing.....

v0rt3x4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

"DON'T DO THE FAN TEST GUYS!!"- wrong. Fan-Test is completely harmless.

duplissi4360d ago


just google a guide for disassembly, thats what i did last year.

bananlol4360d ago

So we should just trust you as apposed to those who built the damn thing? If this was good then wouldnt sony have added this function to the os, or at least written about it in the instruction book?

elmaton984360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

My PS3 Is clean but when I change the hdd (from 80 to 320 g) it was full of cockroaches shell) good thing I move from Baltimore
Let not talk about my 360 which is my second time I buy in a year but I have my PS3 for 3 years now (which one is more reliable).

nnotdead4360d ago

i have a 40GB and only went so far as to take apart the BR drive to reset it. you can look it up on youtube. plenty of people have videos showing how its done.

the sticker by the HDD slot needs to be taken off. the take out the one screw and slide the top of the PS3 cover off. should be 7 or screws to take out from where you just removed the cover. then you need the pry the back part up first, and then the front should come off. after that you should easily see where the screws are to tak apart everything. again check youtube videos for more in depth tutorial.

really if you wipe the PS3 down, and use a small hand vac to vacuum out the vents regularly it shouldn't be too dusty. my PS3 is 3 years old or so, and when i opened it a week ago the inside wasn't very dusty, and my house tends to get pretty dusty. regular maintenance should be enough to keep it clean.

Christopher4357d ago (Edited 4357d ago )

@deadreckoning666: It's bogus if done properly, but not so since it can be abused and can lead to damage if overused in a short period of time. The PS3 has preventive measures in place to shut it down before overheating so as to cause permanent damage. Only repeated overheating in a short period of time or a system that is already flawed from manufacturing would cause long-term damage. And, those already flawed systems would likely already crash within the first year of standard use.

Sony says they don't support it just like Windows doesn't support you installing a new HHD or graphics card. It's what they use when fixing a machine and something that if they told people to do they would do a lot in a row, causing real damage and they'd have no way to track how the person overheated the machine and they'd have to repair it for free.

It's perfectly fine to do this once a month, but it's important that you do it from a cold start and not after using your machine for a while. Like most things involving computer hardware, you should only do as much as you understand.

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joydestroy4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

this isn't a full clean. and fans plural? i only saw one on the CPU when i took mine apart.

but yeah, that self clean wouldn't have gotten all the dust out of mine. it was about 3yrs old so i took my 60gb fat model apart and cleaned all that crap out.

nice tips in the article, nonetheless.

elmaton984360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

So the ps3 work after dat I just did a upgrade
at least I spend
50$ o my 320 gig otherwise I wouldve spend 150$ on more space on my 360 good thing I bought a arcade system hahaha hilarious it cost me a 100 dollars so I couldtnt lose my 60 dollar on live n I'm not doing it anymore xbox live can kiss my ass

TheLastGuardian4360d ago

What about cleaning a slim?

jerethdagryphon4360d ago

similar rules really as long as your careful and such cleaning electronics inst to hard i have a harder time keeping screens clean

and yes to the person who said lead free solder is the problem your right thermal contraction and expansion with a fully rigid solder doesnt work

Theonik4360d ago

I just take a bath with my PS3. ;D
We do everything together!

elmaton984360d ago

Sarcasm I put it for you

Hellsvacancy4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Disassemblin and rebuildin a PS3 is the easiest job in the world, u gotta b stupid 2 pay money to hav sum-1-else do it

My mighty 40gig (500hdd upgrade) has had YLOD THREE times in 2 years, EVERY time fixed by yours truly, its such an easy job TRUST ME

themyk4360d ago

this man speaks the truth. the ylod fix is very easy. i did it to my 20 gig upgraded to 500. works like a charm. i also did it to my friends. works like a charm. and now i am in the business of fixing other peoples for 50 bucks. i've done about 6 ylod playstations and every one of them have worked.

i'm about to put an add on craigslist that says i fix ylod ps3's for 50 bucks. i'm that confident that i can fix them with no hitch. it is very easy. the system is built to take apart you just need the right tools.. and a heat gun. i set my heatgun to around 750 degrees for the reflow process. u also need a torx wrench and a few phillips heads. and make sure you have a tiny tiny tiny phillips head like the one that comes in a eye glass repair kit. after you have the tools it's just a matter of taking a few ribbon cables apart and reflowing processors and applying heat sinc and putting back together.

IF YOU GUYS EVER GET THE YLOD just watch a few youtube videos and do it yourself. DONT SENT BACK TO SONY. IT IS VERY VERY VERY EASY TO FIX YOURSELF. if not you can send to me and i'll do it for 50 bucks. haha.

bananlol4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Is it really that easy to take apart? I consider myself a relatively informed when it comes to electronics, but i had my fair share of problems when when i had to open my wii and attempt to fix the dvd drive. ´

So my question to you, is it harder to open a ps3 and is it recommended to upgrade the thermal paste if the console is out of warranty?

Another question, can you fix the rrod in the same manner? I saw a couple of them at a local electronic dumping site.

elmaton984360d ago

What about a 60 gig is there anyway to contact u to clean mine

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trainsinrdr4361d ago

yep be sure to stick your fingers into those tight areas and dust it and for gods sake dont be afraid to use some elbow greace

DTG_The_Man4360d ago

Donut: Private Donut ready for duty, sir!
Grif: First up, what's with the nickname? Private Donut? Someone needs a new nickname. Second, we need you to go to the store and get some headlight fluid and elbow grease to clean out PS3.
Donut: Right! *walks off*
Grif: Rookie, the store's that way.
Donut: Oh, right. I just need to turn around, that's all. *turns around and walks off*
Grif: How long do you think it's gonna take him to learn that there's no store.
Simmons: I figure about a week.

C L O U D4361d ago

Imagine using your PS3 in a tank full of mineral oil.

Rhythmattic4361d ago

I am imagining greatness......

C L O U D4361d ago

So do I...

Would look quiet stylish in a aquarium.

jerethdagryphon4360d ago

nothing wrong with that the oil would slurp away all the heat as long as theres somesort of circulatorwould work well

Theonik4360d ago

Only issue is that you'd have to take care of the HDD and Disk drive somehow. Could probably mount it beneath the aquarium you'd use. Come to think of it the SP3 does look like an aquarium by itself.

trainsinrdr4361d ago

i stuck my ps3's hard drive into the 360's software and all this oil started leaking out