First Silent Hill V EGM Scans have come across the first scans of Silent Hill V which include scans of the main character, monsters and detail a lot of things from real-time "alternate" world change to character background.


These are scans, not screenshots. Sorry.

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MK_Red4161d ago

The first scan, that thing with a lady mixed up in his back is seriously sick. My hope has been a bit restored but those nurses are straight from the movie... They should have come up with better things. Hope this new western dev can keep up with original developer's amazing work.

TeaDouble_E4161d ago

R you saying this game not made buy Konami Jap. ? I hope not cause look what happen to Call of duty 3, It wasn't made by Infinity ward, so it wasn't different from the second one.

MK_Red4161d ago

Sadly, I must say yes. This is not from Konami Japan and that's what worries me. Silent Hill is among my fave franchises and this puts the series in great danger.

TeaDouble_E4161d ago

Lets hope they dont F%$# this up.

mighty_douche4161d ago

dude if you actually follow the link and have a go at READING it tells you everything about it being done by a western developer etc etc...

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dauden4161d ago

MK_Red: Is Fallout(2) also one of your favourite games? What about the MGS franchises? Are you my twin brother?

I am scared...

MK_Red4161d ago

OMG, You're a Fallout (2), Silent Hill and MGS fan. Awesome and scary :)

mighty_douche4160d ago

dauden and MK_red sitting in a tree..... lol

only joking!

SpenserTracy4161d ago

These guys must really be into BDSM. This is sickening.

MK_Red4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

Valid point. Those pictures, specially the one with tied lady mixed with creature screams BDSM!

erosevaporator4160d ago

I dunno about you, but it just looks to me like a woman and a man melded in perverse sex....I think I would call the combination a creature, but the individual elements just look like two people...and what's with the meat sacks for hands? They really like that angle, I swear. This game is gonna be pretty good. I just hope it freaks me out like the others did. Love this series.

THE_JUDGE4160d ago

the game. Did you see what we did to the movie? Absolutely horrible. I've liked every game thus far. I hope they do it justice and don't over do it. I'm looking forward to this and to the PSP SH:O!

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