PS3 not playable at Leipzig GC

Sony will not be showing off any playable PlayStation 3 units during the Leipzig Game Show, a article quotes Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as announcing. According to the site, Sony has decided to hold off all playable titles for the Tokyo Game Show this September

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zypher5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

okay Sony. you have aprox. 3 months to squash all doubt about the PS3. some (decent) playable games at Leipzig COULD'VE done that, but instead, for reasons unbeknownst to everyone, you've decided to forego playable demos at Leipzig for TGS, and instead opt to make two (major) announcements. if neither of those two announcements are for a) a PS3 price redduction due to the disclussion of Blu-ray, or b) some concrete news about your online service, then count me out till a decent price-drop. i'd started setting aside funds for the PS3. but if you fail to take advantage of this opportunity, and instead allow all the negativity surrounding the PS3 to rule, then i'll instead take my heard earned cash and place it towards some other investments, such as SC Double Agent, God of War 2, GOW, FFXII, Bioshock etc.

ACE5387d ago

the prob is sony have over hyped it too much , now they r in a very dificult position , when people see it in action come tgs they see it has been over hyped ...

people dont have to believe me but i do now a friend who is working on the ps3 project , he said " alot of people r gona be very disapointed by this machine , the disapointment of the decade "

ask ur selfs this if its really all that and some then why wont sony show it of i mean demo pods etc rumer has it there wont be NO demo pods pre launch...

all this paints a picture?.

happy gaming everone :)

Asuka5387d ago

Sony is saving up everything for TGS.

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TheMART5387d ago

So how are Sony fanboys are going to defend this?

First of all these lies from E3 2005 to E3 2006. Well allright, let's forget them.

Then the hardware. The GPU should be an Nvidia 7900. Then they said the official spec's aren't out yet. HELLOOOOO it's 3 months before launch?
Why don't they give the final specs then? Is it about comparing to 360 would bring up it's not so strong?

Now this. Not playable 3 months before launch? Sony is freaking scared, they know the product and it's games are still not ready. That the launch line up is weak and only a few titles will be available. For real, if ya all still swallow this total morons sh*t, I'll guess you can just dump the 600 dollars under a bridge instead of spending it on this thing.

I really cannot see any bright side on the whole story. Can you?

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kingboy5387d ago

2 announcements uuuhhmm!!Assassin's Creed maybe playable..that`s just fine until TGS which by then a few hearts would be broken on this site.