A Closer Look: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and PlayStation Move

PS Blog writes: "Recently we had the PlayStation Blog team into our office for an in-depth demo of how the PlayStation Move motion controller works with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Check out the video below to see how these new controls work."

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rroded3988d ago

like a whole new game

me n my wife play it she takes the move i use the ol dualshock n we're rockin the game (on easy sure but for me wifes its epic)

TheLastGuardian3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

This game works great with the Move. It makes me excited for the future of FPS and TPS games with move support. I bought RE5 day 1 so I was mad to hear it wouldn't be getting the patch. $39.99 yea right I traded in my copy and $15 for the Gold Edition. I would have never played this game again if it wasn't for move.

I had already played RE5 5 times to get the platinum. With move controls it brought new life into the game. I also get all the DLC with the Gold Edition. I am having a good time playing versus mode online with move and I'm actually pretty good even against veterans using dualshock. If you have move I recommend you get a nav controller and RE5 Gold Edition.

It's easy and fun once you get used to it. You don't even have to sit up straight or anything. Where ever you have the move pointed just press and hold the trigger and the reticle will appear in the middle of the screen and you aim at the enemies and press the move button to shoot. I think the Move and navigation controller work better than the Dualshock for this game.

blahblah3986d ago

this game has poorly implemented move, but only in rare case as mine. but... as soon as you figure it out game becomes brilliant. i write this just in case if someone had same frustrations as me and needs solution.

i followed move instructions and set camera to wide as it says in move manual. my main problem was having hd projector behind me which projects picture on 3m wide screen. so if anyone has same setup as me, he probably suffers same problem. here is the solution.

after i bought it i was so damn pissed, move lost focus every 20 seconds. pointer simply into any extreme direction disabling my aim. so, i simply stopped playing and went to other games. later, when playing sports championship i noticed camera is also seeing my projector light and so i tried setting camera to narrow and reinserted RE5. seems game has a problems when it sees 2 lights, as soon as move was invisible for camera (no matter if only for one frame, i tried this by fast wave in front of move), RE5 decided my projector produces move light and made playing impossible. setting camera to narrow solved everything. no more recalibrating every 20 seconds, game went to maybe once per hour or so.

game is awesome i must admit after all my bashing over it. and i can only wish RE6 will be same quality as masion DLC with gold edition. mansion DLC is so much more RE style, less action, more puzzles and actually scary. 9.5/10 for me. while mansion DLC i can only say... wooow, 11/10

jneul3986d ago

REALLY??? I had no problems with move and re5:gold and i have played it on mormal and hard mode now