Half-Life Developer says Nintendo Wii more valuable than Xbox 360 & PS3

Valve founder Gabe Newell has strongly suggested that there will be future plans to develop titles for Nintendo's Wii, talking up the value of the system and labeling its current exclusion from Valve's portfolio of titles "an obvious hole in our strategy".

Newell also suggested that developing for the Wii was a greater challenge than developing for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 because Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles have a similar make-up to PCs.

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TheMART4070d ago

I'll make another bold statement:

360 Premium + Wii = 600 Euro/Dollar
PS3 = 600 Euro/Dollar

360 + Wii is more valuable then the PS3 for sure. Next gen + the Wiimote fun for the same money as a cheap blurayplayer that can do a few games on top

leon764070d ago

PS3 = 600 Euro/Dollar = money that really worth it!
360 Premium + Wii = 600 Euro/Dollar = money throw away in trash!!

Rageanitus4070d ago

The xbox can be used as a heater for a small room. Saves on your energy bills.

Dogswithguns4070d ago

I love the Wii. tho I dont won one.....

felidae4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

dude .. the best games are coming to the PS3

are you 10 years old or why do you think there will be no games.

please, tell me what you are playing on your beloved 360 besides Bioshock and Gears. Probably nothing cause there is nothing more.

Games like Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet, Uncharted. I work at a local videogame-store and these are those kind of games where the people say: Wow, nice Graphics and nice idea".

The 360 delivers just the same games all over again. just a blind fanboy would tell different.

Sorry MART .. you won´t convince anybody ;-)

edit: yeah man, like someone's listening to what you say about a ps3 game .. lololol. you're just funny man.

TheMART4070d ago

Dude I played Ratchet & Clank. Besides kiddy and colourfull the graphics are PS2 with a new paint on it. That's all. Heavenly Sword you mean that game that got between 6 and 7 from IGN and Edge?

I'd rather get a PS2 for 99 Euro with God of War 1&2 then with my 360. Have a better experience and pay less!

Besides Gears and Bioshock I play Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Dirt, Forza 2, COD2&3, Rainbow Six: Vegas, The Darkness, Fifa 07 (did you play any soccer up till now on your BS3???), PGR3, PinballFX, GRAW2, UNO, Moto GP 06, FNR3, you name them...

But you have only Motorstorm (played that also in Leipzig, it sucks but its the best the PS3 has) and Resistance (COD2 is on par with that, 1.5 year ago launch 360 title).

So come again please. Your gameshop must be biased.

Rageanitus4070d ago

I saw the ps3 as an all in one unit, with a WIDER variety of games vs ms.

I use my pc for xbox type games

heroman7114069d ago

LOL @ mart
like u actually played ranchet and clank. u were too busy playing 360 at leipzig , y would u come over to the playstation booth and play their games ( unless u secretly wanna play them ). if u gonna say its the exact same gameplay from b4 then no freakin duh dude . it aint gonna change, its just to fun

gEnKiE4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

geez, nintendo must be feeding this guy a crap load of food or something because the more he praises the wii the bigger he gets....

mighty_douche4070d ago

vavle are generally pc developer so obviously with the 360 and ps3 basically being pc's they are going to plug the wii, it offers something the others dont! is valve wanted to make a 'next-gen' game with amazing graphics and frame rates etc they'd do it on the pc!

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The story is too old to be commented.