BitPlay: Minecraft (bitpunch)

BP writes: "In this BitPlay we take you to the crazy and tedious world of Minecraft. Rich shows off a small portion of his world in Minecraft and how the game works. Check it out and if you want to try it out your self hit up the minecraft site and give the free demo a shot."

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brandynevils2972d ago

This game is so intriguing to me

CombineElite2971d ago

Minecraft, Farmville, and Facebook are three reason's why the economy is bad and why call center customer service sucks. (yes this is Peggi)

Because everyone including myself sits at work in front of a computer and either plays these two games or browses Facebook. I don't have a Facebook account so I'm stuck with Minecraft, YEH!!

stoppre2972d ago

I know these guys!!! OHHH MMYYYY GAWDDD! but is it really a game @brandynevils?

brandynevils2972d ago

Yes its a game, and a damn good one at that. Cheap too.