High-def formats duel over prices, new films

If you're thinking about buying into one of the new high-definition video disc formats, your decision just got tougher. That's because the studios are still shifting sides. Last week, Paramount and DreamWorks joined Universal in exclusive support of HD DVD, battling Sony's Blu-ray for space in your home theater setup

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WilliamRLBaker4161d ago

The war is just stupid any more, I've stopped caring...
Because most consumers dont really know of the format, and...I'll never replace my dvd collection.

Lucreto4161d ago

It is getting out of hand. We need a single format ASAP, as I want to start buying into HD movies. But I am stuck with renting them and buying the DVD version until it is sorted.

I am living in Ireland and I purposely went out looking for HD-DVD and I couldn't find any and they say HD-DVD is winning in Europe.

stonedog4161d ago

but the sales are so insignificant for both formats in the general scheme of things. As the article indicates price will be a major weapon. It does not pay to be an early adopter when there is a format war!! Hopefully the things will shake out a x-mas. Hope the consumer wins.

monkey6024161d ago

Lucreto I know what you mean. I'm Irish too and the only place you can find a HD DVD here that i know of is in gamestop. But to be fair I have never heard of HD DVD winning in europe. Europe is Sony land

Lucreto4160d ago

Gamestop? I have two near me and both didn't have any. One gave me a odd look and said never heard of it and that they only heard of Blu-ray.

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