Lego Star Wars II Achievements

A list of the achievements for Lego Star Wars II

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I suppose this is the game that's gonna try knock off Sony hhahaha, that's so weak!

Marriot VP5391d ago

so are your insults. Also I got a question for you why isn't this coming to the ps3???

Scrooge5391d ago

dude, the first lego star wars rocked. dont make fun of it!

Optimus Prime5391d ago

LOL!!!!!!!, sony has genji or what ever the name is, suppose that is gunna try to nock off M$. weak!

Marriot VP5391d ago

haha, yah genji was a hilarious lie from the developer. They showed a big cinematic CGI movie at E3 05, than this year when they showed ingame it looked like somebody fingerpainted the characters. A BIG STEP BACKWARDS

exMSXbox360Fool5391d ago

See this is now why i'm a Sony fan, because you childish Xbox fanboys are amoung the most stuck up blind fanboys on the planet. This game would be childish and rubbish if it were PS3 don't denie it, that's exactly what the reaction would be!

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The story is too old to be commented.