Lost Planet Network Patch Coming for Xbox 360

Capcom sent out a press release to let Loot Ninja know they'll be releasing a patch for Lost Planet on the Xbox 360 on Thursday, August 30th.

"On Thursday, August 30 th, a network update will be implemented where players will be able to select from three different connection types when creating an online match. By allowing players to select the best connection type for their environment, the patch aims to improve the game's connectivity for any players that have had previous problems."

The three connections types are Default, Pattern A (for users with a fast upload speed), and Pattern B (for users with a slow upload speed).

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fiercescuba4069d ago

I noticed that there are a lot of overseas players with lost planet. I wonder if they will help fix that.

drunkpandas4069d ago

Should make for less disconnects... I got sick of those really quick