Unreal Tournament III Preview

GameSpy fired up the PS3 version of UT3, and the first thing they noticed was how crisp it looked. Their demo largely showed off Necropolis, a stage that shows off the Necris' native environment. They'd describe the art design as something along the lines of if H.R. Giger got to design Constantinople. It's a beautiful city, but strewn with tentacles that line its bridges and walls. With that in mind, their hands-on time complemented Li's two rounds of Warfare that he played at Midway's booth on the show floor.

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gamesR4fun4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Looks promising but I thought the cross platform pc thing was a given. . . When did they change their minds?

Quote from page 3 "We're dubious that you'll see any PC/PS3 cross-over (we expect that to be a focal point of the inevitable 360 version..."

possibility or just more bs?

Premonition4070d ago

This is gonna be a big holiday game if advertised just right.

fopums4070d ago

I whole hartedly agree

ShiftyLookingCow4070d ago

UT is not known for good ads. This game is not going to sell millions in the first weeks but it will be selling long after release incl. PS3 version because of mod support

akaFullMetal4070d ago

i cant wait for this, i doubt a demo we will see, but i hope so very much, i love the unreal games

GnaM4070d ago

A demo we will see the survivors a perimeter around create.

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