Halo 3 - Co-op, Skulls and Campaign Scoring , new screens and more from 1UP

Amidst all the Halo 3 buzz of recent months, two topics in particular have generated the most excitement among eager fans: Namely, a leaked list of Achievements for the game and the news that Halo 3 will support four-player co-operative play over Xbox Live.

The idea behind Campaign Scoring is as straightforward as the name would suggest. With this new addition, Bungie hopes to add the comprehensive -- and totally objective -- running totals of deathmatch gameplay to Halo 3's solo and co-op games.

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IQUITN4G4161d ago

I was hoping Halo2 would have score incentive as it makes for massive replayablity and is very cool.What with video saves and skull exploration, i'm going to be in heaven when i finally get to play this darling.

ps3604161d ago

or do these screens look pretty bad compared to the other screens for this game

killercam194161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

yea the do look a little old i dunno if they are old tho cus even in the videos the game looks much better

Daewoodrow4161d ago

They're lower resolution, presumably lowered to upload to this site. Check the originals on, they're alot better.

Schmitty074161d ago

School keeps getting closer but so does Halo 3

PS360PCROCKS4161d ago

Those shots are a week old guys...