Vanquish: PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD comparison shots

See this comparison between the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version of SEGAs Vanquish. Hint: Click on "Full-size image" to view the images in their original size.

Which version do you prefer?

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Gago2922d ago

the only difference its that the ps3 version is v-synced so no screen tear at all

but the 360 version isn't so it has slightly more responsive controls and higher average framerate

carreirabr2922d ago

Really, -0.5 fps less on PS3 make it less responsive.

DF is really amazing.

Gago2922d ago

ps3 is triple buffered = no screen tear, but slightly more input lag

360 is double buffered = some screen tear, but slightly more responsive, and higher fps

and no the fps difference was more than .5

jack_burt0n2922d ago

the 360 version is a jittering mess of screentearing, digital foundry are talking crap watch the gametrailers review the 360 footage flickers and tears all over the place.

The PS3 version is vastly superior vsync and triple buffer is crucial on a game like this.

ShinMaster2922d ago

I played Vanquish and it was a pretty quick.

I'll wait for Lens of Truth to confirm the "unresponsiveness".

carreirabr2922d ago


From ps360frame youtube demo analysis:


XBox360 : 29.108 fps / 11.611% tearing
PS3: 28.614 fps / 0.000 tearing

29.108 - 28.614 = 0.494 fps


Gago2922d ago

@above dude

at 00:14

360- 30 fps
ps3- 18 fps

DF: "The key difference seems to be that the Xbox 360 goes for a conventional capped 30FPS, double-buffer approach (losing v-sync when dropping under the target frame-rate in order to maintain fluidity) whereas the PS3 game employs triple-buffering, effectively ensuring that there is not a single torn frame any time during the gameplay experience.

The Xbox 360 version feels a touch more responsive, but whether this is down to the double-buffering or a slightly higher average frame-rate is something we'll need to take a look at in more depth with the final review code when it appears.

It's also worth pointing that while the tear-graphs in the video suggest that the tearing is a problem on 360, the neutral colour schemes combined with minimal lateral motion make it far less noticeable than you would imagine."

ShinMaster2922d ago

Lol, they're still exactly the same.
Live with it.

darthv722922d ago

all that means jack crap. I am not going to sit 3 inches from my screen to see when and where a frame dips or tears.

The game is another testament to good developers being able to make a game as identical as possible.

It is a fun game on BOTH platforms. One sided whiners just get over it.

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Mizz_mai2921d ago

I'm the biggest PS3Fan-bitch(babe take your on this site and im with the 360 on this one, or maybe its
the triggers...because in the PS3 version they changed the shoot/dash buttons so it throws me

SkyCrawler2922d ago

Played both on my television, didn't read the article.

theonlylolking2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I thought the PS3 looked better too when I played it.

Nitrowolf22922d ago

they look the same 2 me congrats sega

Capdastaro2922d ago

Since I don't have this superior vision that fanboys seem to possess, they both look the same to me.

Taggart4512922d ago

STOP WITH THE GOOGLE TRANSLATE! If it's just comparison shots, link to the original article!!

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The story is too old to be commented.