The Confusion has discussed Sony's next-gen strategy at some length in their column before, but with each press conference, it seems that Sony's attitude to the market becomes more confusing.

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Bloodmask4159d ago

Sony does need to focus more on games. When you go to buy PS3 you get 5 free Bluray movies....What??...for what is seen by most(casual gamers) as a gaming machine.

Not to mention that a lot of electronics stores have Bluray kiosks next to PS3 displays. Sony has effectively eliminated their "core" gaming audience by pricing the PS3 at 5 or $600. Most people bought PS2 when it was cheap.

I think it should become painfully obvious what was most important to them..I think Sony could care less if PS3 comes in 3rd in the console race as long as Bluray beats HDDVD.

VendettaWFT4159d ago

Seriously dude WTF are you talking about. The way you posted your comment you make it sound like no games are coming out for PS3...ever. I'm the first one to admit that the 360 is destroying the PS3 in gaming library and variety...and its only gonna get better with Halo 3, but seriously WTF are you talking about 'BLu-Ray this and Blu-Ray that'. You make it sound like Sony sole purpose is to put out a media device and [email protected] over the gaming population. If you stop and think rationally about what your saying, you would know that PS3 is coming out with a myriad amount of games this fall and not to mention a ton next spring. Yah some of em maybe sh^t (Lair and HS) but at least there games. It is 'painfully obvious' what they want to market to their consumers...VIDEOGAMES, with the added option to watch HD movies. Did you even see their confrences, I don't remember them dedicating 20 minutes to all the new BLu-Ray movies you'll be seeing this fall or next spring. So next time, think about what your going to post to people before you bombard us with your bullsh^t propaganda. Let people choose for themselves.

VirtualGamer4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

I would argue any hardcore console gamer knows exactly what the PS3 is all about and are simply waiting for games they want to play. On the other hand their are many casual gamers and non tradtional consumers that the PS3 might appeal to because of other things it can due besides playing games and thus why Sony is marketing it that way. See the PSOne and PS2 where basically game systems. Sure the PS2 could play DVD's but it was never considered comperable to a high end DVD player unlike the PS3 which is actually the best and cheapest Blu-ray player on the market.

New game consoles traditionally sell at a loss to the maunfacturer who makes up the difference later on from the software sales revenue. The author seems to suggest that if these casual and non traditonal early adopters buy a PS3 that Sony loses. I guess he failed to forget that Sony would also profit not only from Blu-ray disc sales PS3 owners will buy but also the revenue generated if Blu-ray becomse the new standard for movies. Also I am sure Sony will be getting a revenue for these other services they will be offering as well.

The other issue I take with this article is that only the hardcore are capable of promoting the system by word of mouth. If a nongamer bought a PS3 only as a Blu-ray player and tells all his friends and family about what a great system it is just for that how is that not helping to spread the word and sales of the PS3? Oh and they might even decided to try and buy a game for it! <shock>

Finally at least Sony did not abandon its consumers by pulling the PS2 and forcing them to now buy a PS3 if they want a gaming system. So the moral of the story is you can't just market the PS3 as any one thing you have to market it for all the things it can do and the least marketing you would think the Playstation needs is the fact its a game system, considering they have been the console gaming leader for the last 10 years.

In fact was their not a recent study that showed only 40% of PS3 owners knew the PS3 could play blu-ray movies? I bet you 100% of PS3 owners knew it could play games though :P

Husso4159d ago

The guy that wrote that is a freaking MORON.

"Sony's main focus at present remains firmly on the PS2 and the PSP"

How dumb can they be, really so Sony is lacking PS3 support LOL

GoLeafsGo4159d ago

That's a good article. It lays it all out as it is, without actually taking a jab at the company.

eXplotion4159d ago

is doing good and with games coming for the ps3 everything will be fine

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