Mr Gran Turismo speaks on the eve of GT5's launch

The fifth instalment of the Gran Turismo PlayStation epic has slipped back from 5 November, probably to the first week of December 2010. But this month’s CAR Magazine – on sale now – reveals the new game’s hero car, the ultimate track racer designed by Red Bull and GT coders Polyphony.

The 249mph racer, the Red Bull X1 prototype, is a collaboration between legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey and Kazunori Yamauchi, the genius behind Gran Turismo. Yamauchi took time out from his round-the-clock work mastering the final game, to tell CAR magazine all about Gran Turismo 5.

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MariaHelFutura4483d ago

A part of me think their delaying it a few weeks for promotional purposes, including everyone talking about it being delayed. Regardless when it comes out, I can`t wait. BTW, I heard Futureshop in Canada has a preorder offer the gives you the wired GT wheel w/ it for FREE.....Yeah. I`m calling to confirm, shortly.

The-Tentacle4483d ago

Didn't Sony announce that they missed production date by 3 days or something? Also "Mr Gran Turismo" recently apologized for framerates dropping slightly below 60, maybe that's the reason for the delay?

Whatever the reason you can bet the turn 10 trolls will be hard at work trying to negatively spin it ;P

iPad4483d ago

The whole framerates dropping slightly below 60 is old news. Kaz said that in TGS.

sinncross4483d ago

THe frame rate problem has been known ever since the rain effects were first shown off.
Kaz himself said that under certain circumstance the framerate would battle to remain steady at 60fps.

Maybe its the reason for delay, sure, but its not something that is last minute news.

theonlylolking4483d ago


GT5 only delayed 2 times. So its not delaysmo.

LiquifiedArt4483d ago

and waiting...and waiting...Soon i'll be Driving...and Drifting...and Racing...and Experiencing the greatest driving simulator for consoles to ever be created!

SuperStrokey11234483d ago

Waitng for this game is driving me bananas lol

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