COD4 Beta: Infinity Ward Promises To Make Things Right reports that fans who were unable to access today at noon to sign up for a token will get another shot at the beta.

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snittolo4073d ago

Then great job on behalf of the beta staff. I'm sure thousands of people were pissed not even being able to load the site (like myself) let alone apply for the beta. Checked the site right now and it seems to be back up but in maint mode, so we will see how it works out.

Nostradavis4073d ago

it is true and this is exactly what they should be doing for the fans of this more jumping through hoops...of course you have to wait for the site to get back up first.

lethalpennywise4073d ago

Glad to hear they're doing something about it. Still going to be hard to get a token though.

slugg4073d ago

Will the whole damn mess just start all over again when the website goes live? Does EVERYONE who logs in in the next 24 hours get in FOR SURE, do you still have to answer 3 trivia questions? And what if you can't get into the site in the next 24 hours? I remember how people complained about haveing to buy Crackdown to get into the Halo 3 beta, but Crackdown is an awesome game I would have bought anyway. They should have made it so if you pre-ordered COD 4 you got a token, or something like that...

Nostradavis4073d ago

I totally agree man, this is nothing more than a method to drum up hype and anticipation for the game -- unfortunately, like a well cooked grenade it is blowing up in their face.

zantetsuken4073d ago

He says they'll give out whatever is available. Regardless, they're doing the right thing changing it to open registration vs first come first serve.

KillJoi994073d ago

This is awesome news for me. I wanted to get in, but I had my first day of school today, so there was no way for me to try and register at noon. So :-)

Bnet3434073d ago

im still pissed about earlier today

Nostradavis4073d ago

we ALL are -- and that includes them.

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The story is too old to be commented.