Bethesda directly intervening in reviews of Fallout: New Vegas?

Bethesda is allegedly forcing websites to pull unfavorable reviews of Fallout: New Vegas, according to Dan Hsu.

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RememberThe3574236d ago

Whoever is at the bottom of this needs to loss their job. Developers bark about creative freedom then their marketing team goes and makes sites take down reviews.

Jamegohanssj54236d ago

I knew these reviews were too good to be true.


Ocelot5254236d ago

bethesda is like the BP of the gaming world

kaos_fish II4236d ago


BP? really?...

I was thinking more along the lines of Eidos.

Danteh4236d ago


I'm actually gonna say (excepcionally): PIRATE THIS GAME

We don't need corrupt game companies making unfinished games, seriously this is repulsive

xAlmostPro4236d ago

the sites could still post the scores :/..

HSx94236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

i pirate d this game day 1

frostypants4236d ago

Yes, Bethesda SUCKS.

But the whole "This game sucks so hard I'm gonna STEAL it!" logic is f*cking retarded.

Don't use the fact that the game and/or company sucks as an excuse for theft.

Do you steal cars that you think suck?

DaTruth4236d ago

Damn, some people actually buy these magazines to find out what to play and you can't even trust these guys to give you an honest opinion!

HSx94236d ago

your argument is invalid

>implying comparing cars and games are equal.

STONEY44235d ago

Did no one read the article? They decided to pull it because they didn't want to risk losing revenue from the New Vegas ads until the ad campaign was over.

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JakeyBaby4236d ago

Bethesda can't make games without bugs, yet they expect glittering reviews despite this? I'm on the side with the Journo's here. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? ... Pah!

DevilsJoker4236d ago

..And everyone takes them so seriously, letting them decide if they buy the game or not, it's an environment that's begging for this sort of thing to happen. I hope this sort of thing can somehow be stopped before it's too out of control.

JakeyBaby4236d ago

... If it isn't already.

Christopher4236d ago

***To clarify, the site's boss pulled that review because advertiser wasn't happy, against writer's wishes.***

Not to be rude, but not being happy doesn't mean they told them to pull the review. Looks like the person who runs the site, not the writer of the review, decided to do it on their own in order to ensure that future ad revenue would be forthcoming from Bethesday.

PooEgg4236d ago

I agree and I am curious which sites did this, since I would say we can't really trust them if they are so worried about keeping advertisers happy, do they also rate undeserving games higher in order to keep advertisers happy?

wsoutlaw874236d ago

so this pretty much confirms that some cites give some games higher reviews to keep advertisers happy

Philoctetes4236d ago

Wouldn't surprise me. It's hard to come up with any innocent explanations for why this game got any scores above an 8 anywhere. It's semi-broken and looks like it was made in 2006.

soulzero4236d ago

Stop crying, even with bugs this game is a masterpiece.
Certainly my top 5best games ever, possibly 3. And ive played lotsa great games, but the immertion i get from fallout is unbelieveable, although that may be cause i was high as fuck playing this game, still wonderfull.

A Cupcake for Gabe4236d ago

New Vegas is great. I'm nit defending the low scores cause the bugs are there. But this is a still must have game.

I bet COD won't get this same criticism though.

RedDragan4236d ago

No game that crashes on the hour is a must have. If you two think otherwise then your standards are dangerously low.

lightningsax4236d ago


That's nice. Why isn't this comment (and others complaining about or defending the game) in a thread about a review? Bethesda PR did not develop this game. They're a completely different department. This news (which is short and readable, btw) is not about the game. It's about PR. Let's talk about that.

Trizard4235d ago

Okay, I own both Fallout 3 and New Vegas and can tell you that I have never seen a single bug or crash. There are glitches like inf. exp and caps but those are patched usually in the first month. I don't understand how all these reviewers can be getting so many bugs and crashes. IMO, its a lot of hearsay and shoddy reviewing.

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frostypants4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

I'm glad there are others out their who see Bethesda for what they are. One of the guys in those forums referred to their games as "McRPGs". That's a perfect description.

They slap new graphics onto the same old gameplay mechanics, water everything down, and call it a new game. Furthermore, their games are ALWAYS buggier than hell.

They've been pulling this stunt for 15 years now. They haven't designed entirely new gameplay mechanics since The Elder Scrolls: Arena. Fallout 3 is just The Elder Scrolls V.

Even IF there is some fun to be had in the games they release, Bethesda's approach absolutely sucks.

likedamaster4236d ago

Will never compare to Konami's MGS4 1UP debacle.

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mikhail_tisoy4236d ago

oh so thats why gamespot took two days to put up their review and ign giving it a 9 lawls next time dont pick a mediocore devloper

RedDragan4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Let's be honest though, knowledgable people don't take serious notice of reviews on IGN and Gamespot.

There were never a truly reliable site for game ratings. They are all personal opinions or influenced by advertisers.

knifefight4236d ago

Intereference or not, people score things way too high these days. But that's another topic.

Nihilism4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Nah dude, that couldn't be more on topic. The reason the game was released with bugs is the same reason reviews are scored excessively high, and the same reason bad reviews are pulled. Corporate greed.

The lesson here is. Bargain bin, every game, always. Or GOTY edition in 12 months, still cheaper than the vanilla game on day 1.


You need a source to tell you that multinational companies are greedy exploitative monopolistic pieces of $#!+?, I don't know where you live but it's common sense where I am...on the 13th plane of hell known as earth.

JakeyBaby4236d ago

I bet this is all because they wanted to score it a 7 out of 10. Pathetic how 7 is seen as "Bad" these days. All this Corporate greed has done is made all of us waste time shopping around review sites trying to find one we can trust.

Blacktric4236d ago

Ok so he gave Gears Of War an A+ years ago. So what?

artsaber4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Or just retarded? Did you READ the highlighted sections? LOL! I guess in your mind 2+2 = 9. A+ is the highest score he could give, but yet his written review reflected a c+ or B- at best. Companies can pay for SCORES because YOU have demonstrated that few will actually READ... you just look for the letter/average score number, etc. 50% or more of his review was nothing but outlined problems with the game, and he gave it the highest score possible.

Blacktric4236d ago

Yeah I am actually. Thank you for bringing up to the table LOL! I swear to God this website is filled with intolerant assholes that can't contain themselves not to insult other people.

Def Warrant4236d ago

Umm did you read the negative sentences he wrote about the game? The real question is why did he score it so high after all the faults it had?

Cenobia4236d ago

Is this a negative comment about Dan Hsu, or a positive one?

He brings up all the bad things about Gears but still really enjoyed it. It's kind of his job to convey both the good and bad to the reader.

Biggest4236d ago

There is NO WAY a game that has that much bad about it scores the highest possible score on their chart. The story, A.I., multiplayer, control, and immersion were all horrible according to his review. Does that sound like an A+/A+ to you?

PooEgg4236d ago

Sounds like Dan was worried about losing advertisers support. So many hypocrites in this world, and should we trust anything that comes out of this guys mouth?