Loot Ninja's Jeanne d'Arc Review

Loot Ninja was skeptical at first of a 40 hour RPG on the PSP, but Jeanne d'Arc delivers with both quick and deep gaming experiences. Because of the quick save features, the game allows you to play as long as you want, which is terrific feature for portable gaming. If you're an RPG fan, you should definitely check out Jeanne d'Arc, especially with it's $29.99 USD price tag.

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fiercescuba4161d ago

this seems it would be a good game to play on a commuter train like here in NYC. would make the commute a lot faster.

drunkpandas4161d ago

Yeah it would definitely be good for a commute no matter what the length. You can easily hop it and play, then stop and save whenever you need to.

drunkpandas4161d ago

This was one of the most fun PSP games I've played in a while. It's also one of the better SRPG's I've played in a while, which is nice.

Bigmac5734161d ago

Im about 20 hours in, and I have to say its the best RPG/Strategy game I've played all year. It's wonderfully done.

nurayi4161d ago

ya the game is very good, the skill combining is very addictive and the cutscenes are great. Just like the review says, the sounds arent great, neither are the spell animations, but I love the music. This is the kind of game that you can pause/sleep-the-device at anytime, except during the cutscenes. other than that it is a great SRPG for handhelds. The art is great and the skills are addicting. But if they fix up the NA release of FFT then I still think that the gameplay in that one is a bit deeper.

There are no random encounters, although you can Free Battle (although I've only had to do it 2 or 3 times, as the normal progression never ramps up too steeply). There are no job classes(but the skills kind of allow you to make your own style, aka a healing archer that gets a recovery shot). The game does include optional "tough" stages for you to test your mettle. Also it should be noted that your party consists entirely of named characters, and you will not be recruiting/tameing (atleast where I am at).

One cool thing that they do is give characters the ability to transform, which adds an extra layer of strategy (along with the burning auras). When you transform, the best way to relate the thought process, is like when you get kinged in checkers, as long as you kill someone every time you move, you can keep moving all over. So you can just have your other guys wear down everyone while one transformed character dances across the whole map killing everyone. It really pushes the strategy.

All in all its one of the best offerings to date on PSP. Aside from people with homebrew, this is definitely the best SRPG you can be playing right now on PSP.

DarkJedi4161d ago

I guess I'm about 5 hours in, I don't think I've figured out most of the item combo's etc, I keep getting items (like wood chop) that I can't use with any of my characters. Haven't figured out why yet, but I'll keep playing till I find out :)

Very good title tho.

Darth Gamer4161d ago

This is definitely a fantastic game. About 10 hours in and is one of the best SRPG's I have played. Alot like FFT and Ogre tactics in terms of quality. A must have title for the PSP.

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