The Simpsons Game Co-op Hands On Impressions

Kotaku sat down with EA's The Simpsons Game at Games Convention, rumps firmly stuffed into the Fatboy beanbags at Microsoft's Xbox 360 beach booth for a bit of split-screen multiplayer with Bart and Lisa. Kotaku co-op adventure took us through a Lisa appropriate themed area, a redwood forest being slashed by a menacing lumber company, complete with foresters armed with back-mounted wood chipper guns.

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THC CELL4161d ago

i never knew this had co,op

deadeyes994161d ago

just gets better evertime

picker3324161d ago

Never liked simpsons hit & run.But it's not the same gameplay i hope.

daveman34161d ago

i hope this game is free roaming

SmokeyMcBear4161d ago

one of the best coop games at arcades when i was younger.. sooo much fun