Xbox Live updates will counter hacking efforts, MS claims

"Microsoft has warned the people who try to spread the knowledge that they will be subjected to the law. The users of pirated consoles will not benefit from the hardware warranty and they will not be able to download important software upgrades through the Xbox Live network. So we don't think many people will try it,''

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Landa5387d ago

I wont play online anymore. PS2 online FTW

thetruth5387d ago

I have a modded xbox with a versatile modchip which allows me to turn off the chip hiding my mod on xbox live. Now tell me, you think the 360 modding community wont implement this? Check out the Team Xecuter site for chips you can turn off if you disagree.

DJ5387d ago

people can either just have chips that turn off (it worked for Xbox1) or they can just use Xbox Connect if they don't feel like paying for LIVE.

Landa5387d ago

Tell me more about that xbox connect...

I might play there instead

TheMART5387d ago

Kobe81 and DJ you forget a few minor details.

Ofcourse, get a second DVD FW chip and you can switch the original off and on.

One thing that's different with the original XBOX. The kernel/OS couldn't be updated through Live or otherwise. The kernel didn't check the DVD FW.

This time around it's different. Even if you used the hacked FW offline, the kernel could register you used another FW than the original. The next time you would go on live with the original FW switched on, the Kernel could still report it @ MS. Furthermore, there are different ways that the FW still can be detected.

It's not as easy as comparing it with the original XBOX hacks/chips/mods! And well, not using XBL is something different then only XBConnect. XBL is more then only online gaming. Furthermore, I gamed on XBConnect with my original XBOX, but only game played real often were Halo 2. Much other games there were never people or too few to have fun. Last but not least, the game needs system link to play on there. If you have games you like without system link you're screwed. Last but not least: arcade games! I like Bankshot Billiards and UNO a lot. Without XBL it's done with online gaming with these games

So nope, nothing can replace Live on the 360. For the original XBOX there are alternatives for LIve but on 360 shortly: NO

exMSXbox360Fool5387d ago

I did not read this post because the Mart wrote it, but all i'm gonna say is this you are 1 childish sob, u only submitted this BS because of the one on the Sony forum, oh wait i never read who posted that no doubt you looser!

TheMART5386d ago

oh wait, probably another nick from Gametime/ssj, Achira or NJ right.

Man you're even not understandable. I posted this article about something on the Sony forum? I really have no idea what you're talking about. If you state something, quote it or give a link. I guess you mean the PS3 section of this website were all gamers can comment on the articles. I still have no idea what you're talking about, so your post is BS itself

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