Final Fantasy XIV Getting Universally Panned

When Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the Xbox 360 at E3 2008, some die-hard Sony fans took it personally, but they got their revenge a year later when Final Fantasy XIV, an MMO, was to be a PS3 console exclusive, with a PC version released as well.

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mikhail_tisoy4489d ago

i hope square goes down under so those ****ers can never play another final fantasy

ingiomar4489d ago

Yeah im pretty sure they said a 360 version was coming too..

And Final Fantasy versus 13 is also showing strong signs of a port with the recent job listings for a 360 developer.

Fishy Fingers4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

A 360 version was originally in the works, but they had conflicts with MS with subscriptions because of Live and whatnot so it was stopped. With the hopes they'd later manage to come to some aggrement.

But frankly, I doubt MS are going to bend the rules to get this crap on their console.

radphil4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

I always shake my head when both media outlets and random people always get this misconception down.

When a studio puts down for a said platform. That means worked on multiconsole, which means you have experience in that area. That does not guarantee anything. Remember the situations of people finding code of some PC games with PS3/360 coding within it? When Atlus had a listing a while back for 3D Dot, it has the same type.

Am I saying it won't happen? No, but that DOES NOT GUARANTEE anything either.

If you want to link other articles, you should have seen the very last part

"We think it is too soon to tell what the actual plan might be; and it could be nothing more than that they are seeking a well rounded developer who has experience with both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and nothing more."

This isn't anything new, and it's happens like clockwork of people trying to find something out of virtually nothing.

Danteh4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

I'm glad this happened, Square Enix sucks ass nowadays

I hope that they finally understand that milking customers doesn't work and that Final Fantasy will end up like Sonic. Wada should probably go away too

And stop with that westernization crap, they remind me of that "special" kid who tries to be like the "cool kids" instead of being himself and ends up being utterly pathetic. Get a hold of yourself, damn

radphil4488d ago

I like how there were 3 random disagrees for no reason. I still think there should be a tracking method to tell who's giving out agrees/disagrees.

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ConanOBrien4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

doesnt give a **** to butthurters who mentally need Exclusive attention

Lou Ferrigno4488d ago

haha i like how you said 'butthurters' .. LOL funny shit man

Nihilism4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Fanboys on this site are pathetic, and I'm referring to your 8 disagree-ers, the game universally bombed in reviews yet here they are trying desperately to cling onto the dot point they had on their notepad that said "A!A!A! games that the PS3 had that are not on the xbox", as it slips off the page.

If I didn't just get a bunch of comments from 360 fanboys that were more irrational than anything i'd seen on this site accusing me of being a PS3 fanboy, then I would say it was just PS3 fanboys.

But no, all fanboys suck, gtfo over yourselves.

Now everyone please continue arguing over 720p hand-me-downs :D

jneul4488d ago

actually the game was released on pc first and it got slated for that version, now please go away.

jack_burt0n4488d ago


yeah only problem is the console version isn't out yet LOL

vhero4488d ago

it was never announced for 360 anyways MS just said they would try to get it on there console. But it's not even an exclusive to PS3 as it's on PC.

PS360fanboy4488d ago

It was't announced but Square was working on it. It only got canned because of Xbox Live's policy.

maxcer4488d ago

what policy? FFXI and PSO are possible with a silver membership. maybe ms seen the state the game was in and said no, just like me when i played the horrendous beta and canceled my pre-order.

Sashamaz4488d ago

How do you know they were working on it, companies don't waste time and money developing a game before they even get the rights to put the game on said console, therefore FF14 4 360 was never in development, it was just something they wanted to do and were turned down.

PS360fanboy4488d ago

And they intend to charge a montly fee in order to play this crap?

SonyPS3604488d ago

Indeed. They got a dire MMO on their Ps3 for their troubles. Serves them right for being spoiled, selfish little assholes really.

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stonecold34489d ago

hope nomura keep vs 13 on ps3 exclusive .seeing how the other version failed to live up to its hype i got faith in nomura to get vs 13 finish and release it on ps3 . all i care for now is vs 13 dont need a multi because in the end it will not be the sames as we were promised.

xXxSeTTriPxXx4488d ago

and it's looking like it's going to flop.they my be forced to go multiplat with ff vs13, for money reasons

Eu4488d ago

and as such, have a big fandom following it. The thing is, most of that fandom is on PS3 (try to argue with that...I want to see lots of disagrees when its main game sold 3x times more on that platform) and when it went multiplatform people gone nuts. You can argue as much as you want, but SE had to cut things in the game to make it as iqual as much as it could in both platforms, and it shows that it suffered lots. For all those sales in X360, much of its actual fanbase got pissed. And thats only FF were talking. Lets simply forget the other games SE f*** up launching on a console that its fanbase simply didnt buy it for, or that the main userbase of said platform wasnt that interested in JRPGs to beggin with.

SE is getting away from its fanbase and when you do that you either succeed or fail misserably. Guess what its happening. Even if its an intellignet decision to make, from the business point of view, from the gamers side, the ones that'll actually buy their games, thats suicide.

PS360fanboy4488d ago

Let's hope not. Let's give the game a chance to make a buck by releasing it on the highest number of systems available.

I seriously don't get that retarded fixation of keeping it exclusive. Yes, in the end it will be the same, for god's sake, don't feed on that crap...

maxcer4488d ago

how will keeping this game exclusive help the backwards thinking done at SE these days? and Nomura? you do know he was the character designer for XIII. how is VS going to be better? more belts? more buckles? more zippers?

unrealgamer584489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

personally , but they got their revenge a year later when Final Fantasy XIV, an MMO, was to be a PS3 console exclusive, with a PC version released as well. (Final Fantasy XIV, PC, PS3)

LOL how Is that revenge? Stopped reading.

despair4488d ago

I never heard any "die hard Sony fans" say anything about it or revenge, you seem to......ahhh whats the point of arguing with a troll I should know better by now. Where's that ignore button?

JonnyBigBoss4488d ago

I hate this game.

Dear SE,

Patch your game for real. I was in closed beta for 3 months and nothing was changed. If you want this game to attract people, make it fun. The UI in and of itself is gamebreaking.

Apotheosize4488d ago

This is a good thing, I dont think SE's ever faced real criticism from everyone before. Hopefully they take all the complaints to heart and for once try to fix something

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