FF14 Apology: What Does This Mean For PS3 Owners?

Square Enix recently apologized for their lack luster title; Final Fantasy XIV. In return for basically screwing over their loyal fan base they decided to give gamers that purchased Final Fantasy XIV before October 25th an extra 30 days of free gameplay. This quiet honestly shouldn't be enough for those gamers that banked on Square Enix releasing a AAA worthy title, but that's the risk of being amongst the first to play. With PC gamers being unsatisfied with Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix making a public apology what does this mean for Playstation 3 owners looking to get Final Fantasy XIV?

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imoutofthecontest5013d ago

Means "If you still care, wait and watch very carefully before buying."

That's pretty much it, really.

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THE MAX SPEED 215013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

Hopefully it'll make the fanboys stop blaiming microsoft for everything bad Square Enix does. I think it's about time they realize Square isnt as good as they used to be 10 years ago.

dredgewalker5013d ago

Square is almost dead to me and if Versus isn't gonna make the cut then God help them in surviving this industry. I was disappointed with ff14 and then they mutilate Front Mission into a poor man's Armored Core.

dredgewalker5013d ago

I meant ff13 not 14...sorry for the mistype,

punkpop1015012d ago

Disagrees?What you said is absolutely right.Everyone here claimed that Microsoft was the one ruining Square Enix.Put it simple Square Enix stopped creating good games when the competition like Level 5 or Atlus or Gus has started creating BETTER GAMES.

xAlmostPro5013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

so they ruin ff13.. now this :/ if Versus isn't something great they've fully destroyed the franchsie in my eyes..

Hellsvacancy5013d ago

I think this pretty much confirms Versus goin mulitplat, the amount of money Square r gonna lose from FF14 theyll hav choice but 2 choose the mulitplat route for what looks 2-b and EXCELLENT FF game, i hope it doesnt happen but im expectin in to

bobbyluv5013d ago


Arnon5012d ago

And still no Auction House, which is most certainly an issue. Their player bartering system can go die. God what a horrible waste of time that thing is.

Reibooi5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

While the market system as it stands is pretty useless. What they are doing is going to help alot to the point of almost not needing a auction house.

The time it will take a player to type the item they are looking for into the search and find the retainer(of which the game will mark for you with a icon) is probably the amount of time one would take searching through a auction house. Especially when you consider how every item in the game has a +1 +2 and +3 variant.

The main reason SE is very hesitant to implement a full auction despite probably having one ready(or at least ready to be done as a back up) is because of RMT. Anyone who played FFXI will know what RMT did to the economy in that game. Having the economy in FFXIV 100% player controlled means that RMT will have a MUCH harder time gaining a foot hold.

Many of the things FFXIV did was to deter RMT. The mini games in crafting, Logging, fishing and mining are the way they are so RMT can't just bot them endlessly for gil like they did in final Fantasy XI.

Some things worked well(like the crafting and harvesting stuff) Others failed miserably(like the market wards) You can't win them all but they are not leaving things as is. They are doing what they can to fix it.

Personally(and this is just my experience with FFXI speaking) I would take a little work in my buying and selling then the destroyed economy thanks to RMT. It made playing FFXI during that time nearly impossible.

Arnon5012d ago

So basically, they want us to have an Auction House without a structured browsing function to it, causing people to run their game in a windowed mode so they can use websites to find their equipment, and not the game itself.

RMTs were annoying, yes. But I'd rather have RMTs than an MMO living in the early 2000's.

Reibooi5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

While they didn't mention browsing in the upcoming update.(Just mentioned the marker and searching)

That doesn't mean browsing can't be added. It would be really easy to add. Just have a menu you open any time to browse all the know items in the game and then if you find one search it and boom.

It's amazing how they try their best to fix something and yet people still complain.

And I really wonder if you know how bad the RMT problem got.

It got to the point in FFXI that items that should have been maybe 3-4k MAX were going for 100+k thanks to RMT. They also camped most every NM in the game making it impossible to obtain the gear they dropped and thus the RMT jacked the prices up into the millions. It may playing the game a living hell.

Imagine being a crafter in FFXIV and needing something like a Brass Nail for your leather working synth.(normally costs about 250 gil) Now imagine having to pay like 50k for ONE nail. That's how bad it got in FFXI.

As I said having experienced that first hand I would rather not see it happen again with FFXIV(it made me quit final Fantasy XI for about a year)

Also how is running the game in windowed mode bad? Yeah it's retarded you can't alt tab out of the game but it's not like using the windowed mode doesn't work and most everyone will play it that way with or without a auction house just so they could do other things while playing. Like checking their facebook or email or listening to music or whatnot.

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tacosRcool5013d ago

They should give it for free to PS3 owners for making such a sorry game and then blaming the PS3 for it not releasing on time with the PC version

CimmerianDrake5013d ago

I'm calling it. The PS3 version won't be released in March like SE said. Not if the PC version is this bad. Watch.

Reibooi5012d ago

It will be released. The next Major patch for the game will be released in November and is going to fix about 95% of the issues with the game as it currently stands.

EvilBlackCat5012d ago (Edited 5012d ago )

"They should give it for free to PS3 owners for making such a sorry game and then blaming the PS3 for it not releasing on time with the PC version "

cry me a river

BillOreilly5012d ago

No it means it will go the way of The Last Remnant ps3.............still waiting........

BYE5012d ago

It just means that WoW remains the best MMO.

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deadreckoning6665013d ago (Edited 5013d ago )

It means alot of us won't be buying it. Simple. If Square Enix themselves are saying that their title is "lackluster", why'd they release it in the first place?

Wildarmsjecht5013d ago

Could mean a number of things. Could mean that this delay was actually a blessing as it gives SE ample to get their shit together and make a decent MMO. Considering they have one under their belt, this second endeavor shouldn't be worse than the last one.

Or it could mean that because its SE, it'll take them so long to figure out why it sucks that they'll act like they never intended to release it on the PS3 anyway and just leave it at that. Hi? Famitsu Most wanted? Yea, Last Remnant is still on that list isn't it?

despair5013d ago

lol yea I agree, I really hope they decide to fix the problems, it could actually be a great MMO eventually, but for now its crap.

hot4play5013d ago

Ideally, a better game of course...
I'm really disappointed with this one. I'm not getting my hopes up too much... :(

divideby05013d ago

this was a must buy on the PS3... didnt want to buy the PC version.... with all the bad press... as much as I want to buy the PS3 version, paying 15 bucks per month, will most def. make me wait before I buy that version also

show me than I will buy the game