GameSpot: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Fallout: New Vegas is all about more. There's more to do in New Vegas than in Fallout 3, its superb predecessor; there's more complexity to its gameplay mechanics; and sadly, there are far more bugs than you should expect from a modern role-playing game. Fallout: New Vegas' familiar rhythm will delight fans of the series, and the huge world, expansive quests, and hidden pleasures will have you itching to see what other joys you might uncover.

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CommanderShepard5022d ago

I'm Commander Shepard and I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions *Reports*

AndrewRyan5022d ago

Lucky for me I preordered a PC version.

ChineseDemocracy5022d ago

When i popped this in my PS3 I was taken aback by the visuals... And how awful they looked.

Games like Mass Effect, Uncharted, Castlevania, Batman, GoW3 make this look ancient. I haven't run into any glitches yet, but my screen has 1 second lockups about every minute, and the framerate is super inconsistent. I really like the game, but 7.5 seems appropriate under the circumstances.

jeseth5021d ago

While probably a great game, New Vegas just looks luke a big expansion pack of Fallout 3.

7.5 is fair. Good game in its genre, doesn't innovate much or bring much to the table. And visuals haven't improved much.

STONEY45021d ago

"When i popped this in my PS3 I was taken aback by the visuals... And how awful they looked."

I agree, even though I'm playing this on PC. The increased colors feel like it makes the graphics look even worse. I'm hoping the guys over at Fallout Nexus get some nice graphics mods released soon, Fallout 3 looked amazing with the proper mods.

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Jamegohanssj55022d ago

Woot! The second real review.


Jamegohanssj55021d ago (Edited 5021d ago )

The one that gave it a 6.5 lol.


clank5435022d ago

What? That doesn't even make sense. Anyways, this review seems pretty accurate. A game this buggy shouldn't get over an 8. It doesn't matter how good a game is when you can barely even play it. If they patch it up, then the score should be changed, but there is no excuse for these glitches.

ASTAROTH5022d ago

If the PS3 version oviously look and plays as good if not better. The real thing is that this game is just a copy paste of FALLOUT 3 with a new setting. Nothing bad if you are a fan or a newbie but, if you get tired of 3 this will tired you prematurely. Ohh and blame the 360 because if this game was exclusive to fit the Blue Ray it will be ginourmus...LOL!!!

Enjoy the damn game no matter what console you own little green soldier!!

come_at_me_bro5022d ago

Played this for about 8 hours on the PC and haven't experienced a single bug. Probably explains why the PC version doesn't have a score up yet.

Incipio5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

Bugs, by nature, are not uniform. Some get them, some don't.

Unfortunately, the nature of the aging Gamebryo Engine tilts the scale towards a majority of users facing near or complete game-breaking bugs. I honestly don't know how the Gamebryo engine ever got past the alpha stage when it was being created...surely they were able to foretell all the bugs they'd come across. (and to think people wouldn't notice the bugs despite choosing to continue using it for the next 5 years?!)

And it's only gotten worse since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. How the heck does that happen? Engines are supposed to improve, not degrade and introduce new problems over time.

Chucky20035022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

i'm playing it on PC and its full of them,monsters going into the ground,one time i started VATS and fell trough the floor from some stairs(lucky that i landed on another floor and i didn't had to restart,lol),the game is full of glitches,now depends how you play the game,maybe you went to other areas that i was

fuckoffodion5022d ago

I blame your parents for feeding paint chips.

Heisenberg5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

But there's literally a bug every 30 seconds, which is bullshit considering it's a carbon copy of Fallout 3.

Edit: it just froze up on me again for the 4th time tonight.... A little frustrated...

PS360fanboy5022d ago

The PS3? C'mon, the game is still very much enjoyable...besides, they fixed Fallout 3 on the PS3, they can do the same here.

fuckoffodion5020d ago

I swear the mods here are pathetic. Especially the 360 fanboy Odion.

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Incipio5022d ago

"sadly, there are far more bugs than you should expect from a modern role-playing game"

I dismissed the game entirely at that point. Unacceptable.

Apotheosize5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

You know I kind of agree with this, Fallout isnt a bad game, but a lot of it is unacceptable nowadays. Visuals are still sub par, engines filled with bugs, animations are terrible. 7.5 is the perfect score

saint_john_paul_ii5022d ago

seriously, im not buying this game until there's a price drop. its unacceptable to see a game like this with so many bugs on top of graphics. not even GTAIV had this problem, it was actually very minimal.

its been 2 years. these guys should of known what problems needed to be fixed on each respective platform.

-Alpha5022d ago

It's inexcusable, and they've only got themselves to blame for the reviews. But there IS a patch coming that should render the criticism void, so hopefully it fixes a lot because it's the only real thing keeping this game down it seems

NecrumSlavery5022d ago

I caved and got this for PS3, even after the bullshit. No bugs yet, no lagging frame rate. Loading in and out of buildings takes 2-5 secs max. Everythins is pretty smooth. A few jaggies but its clearly improved over FO3. I recommend this to any FO lover. Score fits.7-8s is right. No more free passes on outdated engines(COD next on the verdict), but this is a good game. And I personally think all the reviewers haven't put a solid 75-100 hours to really judge let alone the 25 for the main story.

PirateThom5022d ago

Fallout 3 got a few patches and the issues still remained. It's not the game's fault, it's the core engine and no amount of patches or fixes are going to overcome the fact Gamebryo is just a poorly optimised engine for any platform.

buckethead_X5022d ago (Edited 5022d ago )

and I'm really disappointed that I was right :/ after getting a repellent stick permanently stuck in my Fallout 3 inventory and seeing the game flip out and crash 500 times, I was hoping the next game would be less buggy. Maybe this one will get some better patches. I understand how hard debugging is, but I just can't buy the game in its current state and price.

Maybe a beta for the next one?

Edit: I read the article again to see if any specific bugs were mentioned, and it actually made me want the game more. The more I thought about a new Fallout fps in a new location, the more I want to play it. Argh I hope they patch it soon. A lot.