Record of Agarest War Trailer

Details of the upcoming adventure are still a mystery, but one thing is almost certain, this team of five is going to save the world.

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ALI-G4160d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

from the devloper
-it cannot be done in 360, only PS3+PSP can handle it
-the demo we just saw take 2GB, so they game cannot fit in DVD9
-the game only use 20-30% of PS3 power
-PS3 power is limitless
-the game take full advantage of the SIXAXIS without SIXAXIS this game could not be done

from PS3 FANBOY:
this game look goooooood
-it look better than anything else
-this is halo killer
-i cannot wait to play this game in 2009

-the controller suck
-A.I suck
-Gameplay suck

sony fanboy afteer the reviews:
-microsoft paid them
-i found this review from another plant which says the game is good
- i do not care about reviews

-PS3 is outslling everything worldwide
-take this link,take that link

gsx-r4159d ago

any thread that has anything to do with the PS3, you're on it being a troll. You must stay on the computer 24 hrs a day looking for articles to be negative about...grow up.

djt234159d ago

i like the trailer it is well put to getter and music was too

alexander22rednaxela4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Is this like coming to US and Europe?
Hard to understand what the game is about when it all was in japanese, though if it gets great reviews I will by it.
I have a PS3 but not a single PS3 game yet, I think Haze might be my first one.

I have been buying my multi-platform games on my 360 because of the review scores on gamerankings.

alexander22rednaxela4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Looks anime by the way, so if that`s right up your alley then why not?

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