Cliff Bleszinski describes Milo as a mix between Heavy Rain and Pixar

Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski describes Milo as a mix between Heavy Rain and Pixar.

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SuperStrokey11233745d ago

He forgot to add creepy to his discription...

ImpartialMan3745d ago

simply because Molyneux is involved. and Milo will only be 20 percent of what he said it would be.

just like actual Fable and Fable Monlynex talked about

coolbeans3745d ago

he must've meant: "the old guy's house in Heavy Rain" :P.

BulletToothtony3745d ago

clearly he's never played Heavy Rain

InTheKnow3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Milo is real BUT M$ has ASKED Peter Molyneux to not make a game based on the adventure. Peter and Lionhead demoed the " Demo " live not to long ago...take a look...

I'm sure this is the " demo " that Cliffy B is describing and we will see this tech soon in a Kinect game...we already are.

In regards to Heavy rain, calling that a video game is a stretch as it is really a long RTE/interactive soap opera...take a look at some so called " game play "...

I think what Cliffy B was saying is by adding full body motion control to an interactive game like Heavy Rain you could enrich the whole experience....I agree. Fight scenes could involve the entire body with a different control scheme using arms and legs. The whole petting tech from Kinect animals could add some interesting interactions between characters...O_o...Voice recognition could be used to interact with on screen's the limit.

I think Kinect would be great to use in a video game version of something like Blade runner. There will be some interesting games coming in 2011 for the system. We'll just have to see how it turns out.


From what we seen, it looks more like EyePet and Kinectinimals (Tamagochi games, virtual pets) but with an human boy for you to raise and love. Although indeed we didn't see much so far.

That said, Cliff B. must not have played Heavy Rain if he thinks it's anyting like that... Heavy Rain, just like Indigo Prophecy, is a movie-like thriller adventure, a very adult experience which I don't think would couple too greatly with Pixar like animations.

If he means that Milo gameplay will be QTE based adventure, than it's even worst... Heavy Rain is a lot more about it's story and setting than about its gameplay (like any adventure worthy it's bits). He could just have said Milo will be an adventure.

catguykyou3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Peter came to epic the other day and spoke with devs there. He also gave a demonstration of Milo so they are talking about stuff the general public hasn't seen yet.

Actual tweet:
After seeing Milo in person and hearing the pitch (AND if it is allowed to fully shine) it could be like Heavy Rain and Pixar had a baby. And no, I do not know the status of the Milo. We did not discuss that.

ComboBreaker3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

where you play as an invisible person living in Milo's bedroom that his parents don't know about.

Now, that just reeks of pedo and is totally different from Pixar, a family friendly studio, and totally differnt from Heavy Rain, a mature serial killer game.

MNicholas3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

show absolutely nothing that was not done many years ago (and sometimes better) on the far less powerful PS2 using the Eyetoy (which also had much higher resolution motion capture), believing any claim that Milo is in playable form requires a substantial leap of faith.

Processing precision per frame:

360 Kinect: 76,800 pixels/frame @ 30fps

PS2 Eyetoy: 153,600 pixels/frame @ 30fps or 76,800 pixels/frame @ 60fps

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avengers19783745d ago

Except that Heavy rain and Pixar are both very real, where as Milo not so much

kaveti66163745d ago

How is Heavy Rain real? It's a video game.

ComboBreaker3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

where as Milo is just a CGI video.

Moentjers3745d ago

Pity that microsoft doesn't own none of them.

jukins3745d ago

well he does bring to light one genre that could benefit from kinect i honestly never thought about it. still one hurdle to get through actually moving your character

dragonelite3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Never heard of the point and click genre that almost totally died out kinect is perfect for it. Its a old beauty of a genre and it 10 times more hardcore for the first play trough then the average shooter the last 15 years.

Senden3745d ago

Ffs, when is Molyneux going to show it to Jap developers? Only time I will accept and consider Milo is when the Japs dress him up in a school girl costume and let me e-rape him.

NJShadow3745d ago

Milo... you mean that pre-rendered video we saw last year?

Spawn-KING3745d ago

exactly,thats why MS canned it ....

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