Parasite Eve Confirmed For PSN

Andriasang: Tetsuya Nomura confirmed today via The 3rd Birthday Twitter that Square Enix will be giving a PSN release to previous entries in the Parasite Eve series.

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Shmotz3752d ago

I cant wait for PEII :)

Keith Olbermann3752d ago

just sold my psp too. Oh well...fond memories of this game though. One of my favorites.

Sweeet3752d ago

It says coming to PSN which means it'll be coming to the Playstion Store on the PS3.

So psyched about this, PE was my favourite game next to FF7/FF8 on the PS1. Can't wait to see what those juicy cutscenes look like on the PS3 :o)

ComboBreaker3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

just add Xenogears!

solideagle13752d ago

is it good by reading ur "cant wait" i assume its really good.
what it is about i mean is it RPG or action adventure?


tinybigman3752d ago

parasite eve is one of my favorite series from Squaresoft (sigh i miss them), and PS1 days.

Malice-Flare3752d ago

good memories of Nightmare mode...

PE I that damn Chrysler building...

Run_bare3752d ago

I really want to play this.. i love part 1 and 2 long long long time ago :)

I hope it's looks really good on PS3.

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Baba19063752d ago

one of my favorite games =D love it.

moe843752d ago

Just got me some Alundra loving... gimme PE 1 and 2 and I'll be a happy gamer.

VersusEM3752d ago

I can't wait to download and see what all the fuss is all about.

WithMyLastBreath3752d ago

yes! I have been searching for a copy for quite some time now (PE1)! The only one I found was scratched to hell and back. So hook this up SE

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The story is too old to be commented.