Blu-ray burner/Blu-ray player and HD-DVD player combo drive, cheap but Japan only

Buffalo Japan has a new drive that those still laboring over the decision between Blu-ray and HD DVD will love. The Buffalo drive is a USB drive and can playback either HD format and it can burn BD-RE and BD-R discs as well.

There is no HD DVD burning capability built-in, but the drive can burn both normal CDs and DVDs. Those not wanting an external USB drive can opt for an internal unit. No firm pricing is known for the external drive, but word has it the internal version will sell for 47,000 Yen, which would be about $406, which is way less than the $1000 I-O Data wants for their Blu-ray only USB drive.

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ParaDise_LosT4163d ago

Why can't we be friends? :)
Sony + Toshiba = Happy consumer

Syko4163d ago

Japanese prices in America/Europe = Happy Consumers.

At $406 for an Internal BD Burner/Player and HD DVD combo, this thing would be in my PC yesterday. We would pay well over $1000 for something like this. God knows what Europe would have to cough up for this, lol

sak5004163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

Wait for price drop by next year. I still remember when CD Writers were costing $1000+. Why not include HD Burning capabilites as well.

iceman20004163d ago

dei is no vorye hackers vil hacke hd dv
sibler du du

codeazrael4163d ago

We need to choose a winner once and for all. If the DVD board approve HD DVD as the new format to eventually replace DVD, then so be it. Send Blu ray the way of beta and umd.

etownone4163d ago

yep, this will definitely prolong the inevitable or it could very well be the answer.
This year HD-DVD will see a huge growth, with player sub $200 and movies like Trans and Shrek pushing it, but Blu_Ray will see continued growth due to PS3 and only Ps3 cause nobody in their right mind will buy a stand alone BR player especially since they cost more than PS3.

So with the two neck in neck with its own exclusive studios, you make a cheap dual player and everyone wins, as in us the consumers cause nobodys gets stuck with a dead format. If this year they are $400, maybe next xmas they will be at $200. A player that plays Blu and HDDVD at a mass market price could be the answer.

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