Sony's Blu-ray drive can't play Blu-ray movies

The first Blu-ray (BD) disc drive for desktop PCs is here, but be warned -- it won't play commercial BD movies.

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this is offically the most retarded thing i have heard from sony.

BIadestarX5384d ago

"The Sony BWU100A has a write speed of 2x and will be available this month for AU$1399."

"the drive will only play user-recorded high-definition content from a digital camcorder, and not commercial movies released under the BD format."

Nice, keep digging that hole Sony; a few more inches and it will be nice and ready for your burrial.

mmm. I wonder what kind of hardrive or how many DVD blank CDs I can get for $1,399.00?

gamerriffic5384d ago

i guess that would make BD, completely useless?

TheMART5384d ago

Wonder if that will be the case on the PS3 also.

Well here you have your console, that doesn't do real great games, BUT has a BluRay drive that doesn't play BluRay movies.

Now if that doesn't sound like a Betamax story again...

HyperBear5384d ago

Im just going to say that you were joking about the PS3 Blu-Ray drive not playing BD Discs. Cause its already be proven that it will read PS3 BD discs, BD Movies and A lot of other vidoe and music formats on discs. Its like getting the 1300 dollar player in a 600 dollar machine and you get way more in the 600 dollar one.

HyperBear5384d ago

before we start an argument:

And yea. I agree. The blu-Ray Drive is a real fukin waste of money if it doesnt play BD Movies and all it does is put movie files on BD discs. and how much you wanna bet that the burnable BD Discs will cost about 30 bucks for 4 discs. MAKING THIS WHOLE BLU-RAY DRIVE AND BLU-RAY PLAYER A WASTE OF $2500. You can buy like 2 PS3's and really pimp them out for that much and they do that and more, than just play movies ( it doesnt burn movies obv.). Or you can buy a 42" Widescreen Flat-Panel HDTV by Samsung with gaming modes that are out of this world. Blu-Ray stuff is a waste of money, just wait till PS3 comes out and get a Blu-ay player in that, and thats all the Blu-Ray ull ever need in your life. Ppl who buy the player, the disc drive and the PS3, Ive got to say, I hope you go poor and plan to see you out on the streets begging for money. LOL

TheMART5383d ago

Yeah it was a joke indeed, sarcasm. And that one still stands. You know why?

It's what you say yourself. You get a BR player for 600 dollars instead of 1300 AND you would get a gaming console.

Now go figure out yourself what's wrong there. Why do you think the PS3 can have that price with BR in there?

Because it's a bad quality drive, just like the DVD drive in the PS2. Because those drives brake down in 1 or 2 years. That's why 100 million PS2's are sold, because 60% of all users had to buy new ones otherwise they couldn't play their games anymore.
My PS2 drive broke down but I dumped it and bought an original XBOX 4 years ago. That one still works properly. My sisters kid of 12 got a PS2, his drive broke down and they had to get him a new one. My best friends same story. Lots of games standing there catching dust including a non working PS2.

It's just rubbish all the time. It's known at least that standalone players ALWAYS produce better quality image then the gameconsole drives, but the Sony quality of hardware is very, very low. You're just paying for the name not for the game

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The story is too old to be commented.