Xbox 360 title Bioshock holds No. 1 one week after debut

2K Games' action title Bioshock on Mon. held the No. 1 sales rank at retailer for one week after its high-profile debut on Aug. 21.

The first-person shooter took the No. 1 rank for Nintendo Co.'s Wii one week prior at's Computer & Video Games division.

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ALI-G4161d ago (Edited 4161d ago )

IN PS3 ANY GAME COULD HOLD NO.1 FOR WEEKS BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER GAMES TO BUY so ps3 owners go out and buy the same game the followig week and play it all over again.

@2.1 he is takin the piss

Phail Harrison4161d ago

This is simply not true. Microsoft has brainwashed them to lie for them. Everyone knows Motorstorm is still leading in worlwide sales with 10 million copies sold.

kalle4161d ago

Hahaha 10 million :D PS3 have not even sold 4 million consoles

razer4161d ago

is being sarcastic.. But he does do a great impression of a Sony fanboy.. Definately got the dillusional part down great!

Excalibur4161d ago

It will probably be #1 for a bit.

jcgamer4161d ago

I've been seeing this #1 for days and days, and never once was it posted...the minute Lair and Folklore pre-orders were discounted and shot to the top of Amazon UK it was immediately posted...guess someone was waiting for the end of the week...Bioshock is awesome...

atomdooze4161d ago

This game will be #1 till sept.25