Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is going to be one of PlayStation 3's landmark titles. We're absolutely confident about that and there's still a full four months before the PS3 is even released.

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this is going to be a sweet game on the 360 and PS3.

specialguest5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

that's if it comes out for the 360. rumors and speculations are not absolute. the only thing i'll probally accept for now is a delayed release for the 360.

Jay da 2KBalla5388d ago

not a rumor. its a fact that its coming to 360.

HaHa5388d ago

this game is a xboxfanboy's wetdream ha. it will never appear on the xbox 2.5 cuz it's a ps3 exclusive ;)

Jay da 2KBalla5388d ago

1. it is coming to 360

2. ur a dumbass

OhEmetophobia5386d ago

If any of you noticed this news is only in the PS3 section and well usually on this site if it actually will be on or will refer to another system then it will be also be on that page. Plus every magazine article and news i've read has lead to an EXCLUSIVE RELEASE ON THE PS3.

Jay da 2KBalla5388d ago

i dont suck on anyones [email protected] but like i said ur a dumbass. An ignorant immature sony fanboy dumbass. If anyone was blowin anyone than its yo ass blown the whole sony corporation.

TheMART5387d ago

oh well it's 'haha' so he's going to make some real comments? now that is improvement!

ASTAROTH5388d ago

I HOPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! but I have my doubts. Anyway I HOPE I dont waste my money in Gears of War and it lives up to the hype, cause PRAY dissapoints me.

TheMART5387d ago

I can say one thing. You don't own the last game you mentioned and every 360 owner knows exactly why.

Second, the last game you mentioned is a port from PC. Actually it was still good but you won't know because you never played it. It gets rated mostly about an 8, which is just good to great.

or even a 9 which is outstanding

And Gears of War is programmed on 360. And you can be certain it's the best game of this year and it'll blow any game on PS3 launch away easily.

I guess you're just a lying Sony fanboy. Who doesn't own a 360 neither the game you're mentioning. That's sad. I hope you don't waste your money on that PSbrick that's larger then the 360 and is just an overhyped BetaBluRay next Betamax videoplayer

Asuka5387d ago

notice his links are from teamxbox lmao

ASTAROTH5387d ago

Why you get so ANGRY everytime I said something negative about the 360 or its games?? You are an EXTREMIST FANBOY. I bougth PRAY, played it and dont like it. Then I trade it for Shadow of the Colossus and Sly 3. Am I Crazy? NO, Its a metter of taste you A$$hole. Did you believe you are the only one with a 360 cause you defend it to death?? LOL what an IGNORANT. And YES, I HAVE MONEY TO BUY A PS3 also. You know I work in my free time. WELCOME CHANG3. PS I have to play GOW to believe, thats why im going to buy it and if I dont like it I will change it for RESISTANCE. PERIOD. Dont mess with other tastes and dont bring stupid excuses. MART!!

TheMART5387d ago

Because anyone that bought prEy and has the copy with the case that says prEy and plays the game that let them see on the screen prEy, won't write prAy!

You're a fake like so many Freaking Fony Fanboys. Like CAPSLOCK, saying he bought Viva Pinyata (that's the way he wrote it, the way to discover fakessss), the funny thing is that all XBOX users and half of the rest of the world knows that Viva Piniata have still to be released. Then he said he downloaded it from the internet. Uhm yeah right how dumb can one be if it's not released, it's not released.

Same to you. You don't own Prey, you never had and you never will, because your @sshole has been torn apart by Barbie Ken and Sony. Please let them do it again. You're a lying fake

ASTAROTH5387d ago

Wow MART, How a phatetic fanboy A$$hole you are. Only because I missspelled a letter. JAJAJA. Good work with your excuses and again you are not the only one who have a 360. So shut up and be a gamer. Yes I REALLY WANT THE PS3 badly. I hope I enjoy it more than Im enjoying my 360. So Im not going to reply the stupid comments of an ignorant AS$Hole like you. WELCOME CHANG3!!!!

Jay da 2KBalla5387d ago

Seeing how you will be paying 200 more for a playstation 3 I would hope you end up enjoying it more.

TheMART5386d ago

If one misspels a gamename once, it's misspelling. But writing it wrong, over and over again just reveals you don't own it period. Anybody else, a gamer, would have looked at the box when he bought the game, played the game, saw the name multiple times and wouldn't make that error over and over again.

You're fake and you're shouting and name calling make you more and more unreliable

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