GC 2007: WET First Look

What's better than a kick-ass, take-numbers action hero, who is as comfortable with a pair of pistols as they are with a samurai sword? After witnessing a hands-off unveiling of Sierra's newest star, the answer is simple. Give the action hero the looks of Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman combined, and set it all in a Tarantino-esque mixture of Hong Kong and Mexican action. The result is WET, a sexy new title from Sierra.

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Legionaire20054839d ago

The same could be said about Tomb Raider VS Indiana Jones!!!! But Indiana Jones could whip Lara Croft's a** with his trusty rope,because Indiana Jones is the originator of exploration mixed with action.

PS360PCROCKS4839d ago

Nice avatar, great movie. Anyways this looks like a pretty cool game, let's see what they can pull off.