Five minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

PSPFanboy wanted to share this with you so badly! But, YouTube was strangely down this morning! (Horrifying, no?) Now that the interwebs are working yet again, we want to show you five glorious minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. We want to warn you that there are spoilers, so those of you that don't want the experience ruined, may want to shy away from this awesome, but revealing trailer.

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Rooted_Dust4072d ago

With this and MGS out on PSP, I might just be tempted to buy one.

fopums4072d ago

pretty impressive looking for a psp title, probably gonna pick it up when it hits the states

risk4072d ago

i want that ff7 psp :(

Panthers4072d ago

Wow is this a prequel to FF7?

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