OPM editor: "Why I am buying a 360 this November "

Contrary to popular belief, editors of the Official PlayStation Magazine don't get free hardware for their own personal use. So I've been having an ongoing debate with myself about the PS3 since E3. After Kaz announced that the price would be $600, I found my enthusiasm sagging...

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THELANDSOFSAND5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )


people just keep turning to 360...

OhEmetophobia5390d ago

the only reason people are turning to 360 is b/c of the price and impatience. the 360 does look like a good system mind u. But it's not up to par. i believe that the PS3 will be better and if it isn't then i still won't get the 360 i'll get a Wii lol. I'm sorry i just dont' see the draw of the 360. Graphics=OK Gameplay of games=OK and the controller is okay but for the most part it's average. I'm looking for something new and above average and from what i've heard the PS3 or the Wii seem a lil more exciting. Even though the Wii has sucky graphics i still think it looks more fun than the 360.

Thugbot1875389d ago

OhEmetophobia, the only reason people are turning to the 360 isn’t just because of price and impatience, some of see it as a better buy. Despite all the hype Sony has given about how powerful the system is, the fact still remain the same, the PS3 graphics will be marginally better if at all compared to the 360. However let’s face it we have to wait to see. Next thing is content, what games are available for a system. I’m sorry but out of all three systems (Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360) the PS3 has the least amount of games and exclusives. With the price of the PS3 you can buy 2 consoles with more games available from this generation’s consoles and exclusives. Next why buy a game that’s on PS3, that’s on Xbox 360 with the same graphics and game play for more money due to Blu ray? This isn’t to put down Sony but PS3 doesn’t spell best system for dollar value so it doesn’t make cents. However in the future when the price goes down yes most of us would buy a PS3 provided they have a good library of games but till then I will wait, because it doesn’t seem it’s worth the price tag not because it’s too expensive. 1080p why, when must of us only have 780p HD TV’s or don’t own a HD TV at all. 7 controls have you tried playing with 4 people on screen that’s bad enough. Blu Ray, high priced and currently not as good as HD-DVD which is half the cost and showing at 1080i. Most of us want a good value, not a bunch of hype for things we don’t need that aren’t living up to the promises but have a high price tag put on them. Look it’s just common sense, the PS3 isn’t a good value at the moment. If you don’t care about value and a bigger library of new generation games and exclusives the PS3 is for you else grab an Xbox360 and a Wii.

Karibu5391d ago

They get games free and STILL whine about paying for a console...

Islandkiwi5391d ago

Some of the people posting at the 1up forum are asking her to tender her resignation, or be fired...because she wants to buy a console for her home and it isn't the PS3.

People are so weird.

Jay da 2KBalla5391d ago

Those sony fanboys on the 1up forums act like idiots.

HaHa5391d ago

they troll everywhere and all they have to say is name calling and BS

Jay da 2KBalla5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

no I think u are refering to sony fanboys not xbox fanboys because from what I've seen the majority of fans fans of xbox actually have brains and maturity unlike the majority of sony fanboys like urself.

OhEmetophobia5390d ago

So far all i've seen is Xbox Fanboys dissing the PS3 to no end. It's not even out yet. Let the real confrontation begin when it's released and we can see what it can do. Now mind u i'm a PS3 fan and i'm getting one no matter what. But in all regards, i've seen more idiotic rambling from XBOX fans than PS3.

HaHa5391d ago

how can you call sony fans 'fanboys', are you blind or just stupid? just look at the readctions on this site and the unending BS. the ones who like xbox2.5 are the fanboys no matter what you say..

Jay da 2KBalla5391d ago

im not blind or stupid. Its always dumbass sony fanboys like urself talkin sh!t and bs and startin flame wars.

SjaakHaas5390d ago

OMG a sonyfanboy who upgrades the xbox 1.5 BS-Standard to xbox 2.5 OMG, they all finally start to believe!!!!

thetruth5390d ago

Lol,that 'haha' guy is converting to and XBOX fanboy. XBOX 2.5 LMAO! He just upgraded the XBOX 360 by half. Guess MS is already in the Next, next generation after all. lol!

OhEmetophobia5390d ago

i haven't seen any ps3 gamers messin with xbox fans unless they have already been threatened by other people in this forum of which i can tell who i see is an instigator but i will not say his name b/c it will be terribly bad. All i know is he referenced something about FLAME WARS.

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