Can Video Game Consoles Just Play Games?

Do you remember when video games just played video games? Oh, the nostalgia of putting in that bulky chunk of plastic in your Nintendo Entertainment System, and then blowing on the cartridge until it played. But aside from playing video games, how much else should a video game player do?

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carlman234070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I just don't want my console to cost more because of these new features. Games first, features as an aside please.

The True Gamer4070d ago

Everybody gets on them about the differnt sku's and how if you buy everything it is more than a PS3. But microsoft give you choose. If you just want to play games only all you have to pay is $279.00 and a memeory card. But if you buy a PS3 you have to pay for a Bluy Ray Disc Player, WI-FI, and the hard drive just to play games. I hear people on the street that says, man the xbox is only $279.00.They did not metion the other sku because they wanted to just wanted to play games. Which why if you think about it the PS3 that should be thankful that GTA IV got push back. A lot of African Americans play GTA games and most of them I know do not care about online and HD. They would be buying the XBOX 360, just to play GTA 4. It would not make since to buy a PS3 just to play a game that is cheaper and looks and play the same on a different console. So, when you think about this article think about the XBOX 360 core and the WII. It the two systems that are there foe the average gamer who just want to play games at a affordable price.

XENOCIDE4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

I don't even feel like reading this article. Why do they insist on moving backwards instead of progressing?

How much should a gaming console be capable of? Well my next gen system of choice should be capable of anything just short of giving me a blow job considering the current gen's cost n' features.

LrdApoc4070d ago

Maybe if you had you might understand why it was written. I think the point is what do we want out of a gaming system? Is the addition of these features something gamers actually want?

Look at Nintendo.. they buck the multimedia trend and get taken to task for not making the Wii the centerpiece of the entertainment center like MS and Sony.. but ultimately it is still having a huge impact.

I want the best games and technology and I can pay a price for that. Though I have to admit I enjoy not having to have a DVD player hooked up on the same system my 360 and PS3 occupy.

Cat4070d ago

playing games is just the first requirement. i like that i have systems that can play dvds, i like that i can pop my thumb drive in and show my niece and nephew a slideshow of the last vacation. all that stuff makes me love my systems and gaming that much more. i don't need my system to wash my car, but if it did...i'd be well chuffed!

doshey4070d ago

only having a system that plays games really gives us nothing else to do one the system, having extra features give us more uses for our systems, but as long as the system plays games and has good features then it all works out

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