ASG REVIEW: Time Crisis: Razing Storm for the Playstation Move

It's been a few weeks since the Playstation Move launched. Initial sales of the peripheral itself have been fairly strong, however, we're still waiting on a killer title built from the ground up for Sony's motion controller. Early previews of the game seemed to point in a good direction. Time Crisis is a classic franchise that seems like a perfect match for the Playstation Move and it's super-accurate motion tracking system in conjunction with the Playstation Eye. So, while most other sites were busy reviewing Fallout: New Vegas and EA's MMA title, we thought we'd take the opportunity to give you a complete review of one of the most anticipated games to be released for the Playstation Move this year. So, here's our Time Crisis: Razing Storm review, exclusively for the Playstation 3 and Sony Playstation Move controller:

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guru95353138d ago

Picked this up's the best PS Move game so far besides Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.

westy5523138d ago

Yep ill be getting today also, but have to wait a week for deliver dammit, enough time to finish castletavia.

guru95353138d ago

I got mine today from amazon.....99cent release day delivery rocks!

I'm at the end of castlevania....been playing it over a game i've played in a while.....longer and actually better than G.o.W. 3 in my opinion.

40cal3138d ago

I will agree that Castlevania kicks ass, but better than GoW III? Come on now, you might want to pop God of War back in.

kmr19773138d ago

How come this is only the second review I've seen for this? I've really been looking forward to this, and I'll probably get it, there's hardly any reviews out there for it, but it's Time Crisis, so it's probably the same as the past games except it's compatible with Move.

GoldPS33138d ago

Becuz it's not has hyped like the other games.

Redempteur3138d ago

nice review . with 3 games in one it seems like it'll be a good lenght ..and with move it's precise enough to have fun .

kmr19773138d ago

yeah, good review its better then the other review that game pro had on n4g earlier the gamepro review was really short. almost like they hardly played the game and then put up a review for hits.


The shoot might be the best RAIL shooter on the ps3...

guru95353138d ago

i have both games.....they are both on-rails, but they are totally different. The Shoot is like a shooting gallery, where time crisis is more of an action shooter.

The targets in the shoot don't really move, they just kinda pop up.....where in time crisis theyre actually moving around, running, flying, etc......I like them both though.

JoeReno3138d ago

Interesting, I picked uo time crisis, but waiting for my local kmart to have The Shoot so I can use my coupon I got when I got my move set up.

jneul3138d ago

meh i will wait for i source i can trust more, the time crisis demo was awesome and looked like it deserves more than this score!

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