Wonder Why Germany Bans Games?

Germans love banning games. But, why? German fella 3r0t1c n3rd over at game blog Destructoid does a great job explaining the situation. Let's dive right on in:

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JUSTaGAME4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Ummm.... HITLER

Germany still has a ways to go before they shake the whole stigma around their whole "One of our leaders slaughtered 6 million innocent Jews" thing...

ALI-G4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

and once every one thing that, they will invade the world again.
the whole CRYTIC things movin out of germany is trap.why do you thing CRYTIC are so dam good? becuse they are trained spy.they want to send them to another country and (mark my word) ,crytic will move to USA or UK just the beggining..............

anyway:it just another crap article submited by (THC CRAP)

InMyOpinion4068d ago

Is'nt Hitler the current president of the U.S.? I mean they must at least be related somehow.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4068d ago

Are you angry because America kicked your British ass out of our country "twice" and then turned around and did most of the work liberating europe in WWII? Ironic this is about Germany, so your welcome you dont have to speak german.

JsonHenry4068d ago

I am worried about this sort of socialist crap hitting the U.S.A. : (

Hillary Clinton is one of those anti violent video game quacks, and she is the front runner for the DNC nomination at this point.

Those damn liberals think they know how to tell us to live forgetting the whole "Land of Free" thing.

DeadIIIRed4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Shut up your face. Nobody likes Bush anymore. Liberals aren't the ones wanting to get rid of video games. It's the religious conservatives (anyone see Mitt Romney's anti-video game ad?) who want to turn us into a Christian society. I'm voting for Hillary because I'm sick of this country's egocentric thinking. Take a political science class.

At Jason xg1 below: Sorry, reread my comment and didn't realize the beginning was so harsh lol. Anyways, every politician is going to say something against violent video games, but this country has bigger issues to deal with at the moment. Sorry, I won't vote third party until there is a third party that can make a difference and that is worth my vote.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4068d ago

And your wrong about Clinton and video games she is one that is trying to censor games. You realy sould use this thing called the
"internet" and research those you are voting for. Look closly who is in her camp, she has some of the most anti video game people on her side since Jack Thompson (Joe Lieberman)

Vote third party, any third party other than Republican or Democrate.

Vip3r4068d ago

Until you have a degree in History, I suggest you STFU!

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sfinXters4068d ago

I've heard (read) some of this stuff before, but nevertheless interesting reading material.

The problem is that this censorship mania might be slowly crawling to other EU countries.

Marona4068d ago

Gears of War isn't even banned in Germany.

JUSTaGAME4068d ago

Look what screenshot they decided to use for the article... ironic

tplarkin74068d ago

According to Foxnews:

"German authorities' recent decision to refuse the Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) game a rating due its violence..."

Sidherich4068d ago

it is on the index

microsoft and sony have a policy that makes them only publish rated games. since the game was denied a rating it became 18 only and wasnt officially sold in germany. Even tho it would have been perfectly legal to do so. Most retailers had this game nevertheless you just had to ask nicely. Got my copy at Gamestop as an UK import.

Lumbo4068d ago

Gears of War was never Banned in Germany, after teh USK informed MS/Epic that Gears would get a 18+ rating unless changeg MS and Epic refused to launch it in Germany.

So it is not banned, and would not have been banned, but MS does not release AO games , anywhere. Like Sony and Nintendo btw.

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Poisen4068d ago

If i lived in germany i would move immediatley.. Seems the government is run by a bunch of p****s. no one remembers ww2 these days, no-one holds it against the germans living now. wats done is done, forgive and forget. a friend of mine told me that most germans are angry ppl. now i know why, because they cant take their frustration out on a game and instead will take their frustration out on tourists and the public.

tplarkin74068d ago

Very educational. Those that blame violence on video games believe that people are dumb animals. The naming of violent video games in Germany as "killer games" is a trick that U.S. liberals use. It's called "Political Correctness". Liberals have a whole language devoted to their lifestyle, and I'm sure it's the same idea in Germany.

I hope Germany can relax and govern with a bit more freedom.

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