El33tonline Review: TerRover (PS3 via PSN)

Oliver at El33tonline writes:

"TerRover is a delightful puzzle platform game from Creat Studios, a developer that has rapidly become a PS3 and PlayStation Network expert with quality releases like SkyFighter, Smash Cars and Digger HD releasing in quick succession. TerRover, however, could just be one of the studio’s best, most polished and well-rounded titles to date, and is certainly my personal favourite of the company’s current selection of games available on the PS Store...

... The closest comparison to TerRover would be a game like Trials HD, or an old PC game called Elastomania… but forget that old chaff! TerRover has a personality and style all its own, and underneath its shiny, cutesy exterior lies a challenging game of thought, patience and grinning robot rovers, and while it can be frustrating at times, it can also be entirely satisfying!"

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