The new Gamestop Black Ops trailer is all about surprises.

mygamertalk- As you would imagine, Black Ops is kind of a big deal. Big enough that Gamestop is having ‘surprise’ giveaways that include a Black Ops themed jeep and a motorcycle.

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Shackdaddy8363136d ago

That map looks really cool.

allyc4t3136d ago

I'm not exactly sure how that car is going to work in-game. But I bet it's going to get pretty annoying.

xCaptainAmazing3136d ago

you can shoot the rc car pretty easy and its explosive is fairly modest, i wouldn't be too worry about it.

SuperbVillain3136d ago

I guess the only good thing I can say about it,is that you can atleast shoot it and destroy it before it blows you up? but still.This kill streak is going to be very annoying.this should have been a 5 kills thing,not 3

Shackdaddy8363136d ago

I agree with that. 3 KS sounds a little too low for that powerful of a reward. I mean, its like a guaranteed kill every time if your careful and not driving right into their line of sight. 5 KS sounds better...

TengkuAmir103136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

@Everyone asking for RC car to be a 5 KS

You suck. Simple. Just because YOU KNOW you can never even get a 3 KS, doesn't mean all the masters of the game (Like me), shouldn't be able to kill casual COD n00bs like you by earning the 3 KS.

SuperbVillain3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

@tengku. I suck? if you have PS3 lets get a match going.Barebones.

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-Judge_Fudge3136d ago

lol reminds me of anchorman when ron says "do you know who i am? im kinda a big deal"

on-topic:im so pumped for this looks like treyarch is going back to the simple perk load outs from COD4 instead of the pussy things like commando and the horrible deathstreaks

TheLastGuardian3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Man I'm so excited to play Black Ops. I haven't owned a COD game since 4. I used to play that online all the time. If the BO multiplayer is similar to 4 then I know I'll be addicted to it pretty soon. I've played 3 but not [email protected] so I'll be getting the Hardened edition so I can try out those nazi zombie maps. I rented MW2 and I really liked the campaign and MP was alright but I'm glad I didn't pay $60 for it.

nickjkl3136d ago

is it me or does this trailer just a showcase to things that annoy me


car bomb and knifers

TengkuAmir103136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Stop hating, if you don't wanna buy it, then don't. We COD gamers would not like to hear you rant about COD on N4G anymore. Models, commando, Marathon, Lightweight, campers, just because people who kill you a lot, use those perks and tactics, doesn't mean you have to go and rant about it. You yourself can do the same if you'd actually reach a high level. Your "annoyance" is not of utmost importance to the community.

P.S. After Black Ops releases, I really wouldn't want to see you ranting about how "unbalanced" and how "noob friendly" the game is, ok?


nickjkl3136d ago

why you hatin on my hatin if im gon hate im gon hate

besides my hate i justified


Sigh3136d ago

can imagine using the RC car in S&D matches lol.

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