IGN: Fallout New Vegas Review

IGN writes: "When Bethesda released Fallout 3 in the fall of 2008, it was lauded as one of the greatest open-world role-playing games of the time. Now, two years later the juggernaut of a franchise has another addition to its repertoire with Fallout: New Vegas. It appears that Obsidian didn't feel the need to change much about the successful formula, as the similarities to its predecessor are so significant I often want to call it Fallout 3: New Vegas. Since the first game was so widely loved, that's certainly not a bad thing, but New Vegas does feel like a giant, awesome expansion. "

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NastyLeftHook15025d ago

i will purchase this for my ps3 along with gran tursimo 5 this holiday season :)

gtamike5025d ago (Edited 5025d ago )

Can't wait to load it into my PS3 also GT5

Dave13515024d ago

buy it for pc u can cheat!

Ocelot5255024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

cheaters are retarded, it ruins the gaming experience(with the exception of some fun cheats like the ones in saints row 2)

Dave13515024d ago

bullshit ocelot. bethesda put the cheats in there for a reason. godmode ftw!

Lifendz5025d ago

Not sure. I think I'm going to wait a bit. Good score but can someone tell me what the level cap is? I really don't want to have to wait for DLC for that to get raised to something decent.

MrMccormo5024d ago

I'll just buy this game next year when it comes out in a GotY edition.

AntoineDcoolette5024d ago

That's my plan as well. I haven't even bought FO3 or GOTY edition yet, I'm just waiting until the GOTY edition hits like $30- for consoles. Same with Borderlands.

loki525024d ago

I find it funny that the reviewer says "I wonder why they made the same mistake(of having the game end and not being able to play on)and that fallout 3 had the same problem. its because they are greedy and want people to buy the dlc. so no, they got me on fallout 3 but this time i'm waiting for GotY edition. plus, they did nothing for the horrendous graphics or the bugs.

tacosRcool5024d ago

I will have to pass on this game this holiday season. GT5 will be a must for me. New Vegas can wait until a GOTY Edition comes out since Bethesda once again made DLC exclusive to the 360 and PC (well at first that is)

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BigKev455025d ago

I won't purchase this game for my 360.

Eiffel5025d ago

I'm sure everyone will survive knowing this.

-Judge_Fudge5025d ago

only a 8.5,thats good but i was expecting it to get like a 9.5 or 9.75. but im still buying it

BiggCMan5025d ago

ign only scores games in intervals of .5 now. 8.5 is fine though. its a really good score. it looks like a pretty good game to me, just a lot like fallout 3 visually. i hope it doesnt have as many bugs and glitches.

c0nnnn5024d ago

the game is great. spitting image of fallotlut 3 with some minor add INs. if u like fallout 3 you will love the game. already playing a couple quest u can tell there is glitches from bad guys having no faces to bad guys just ignoring u period. happened once then I restarted the mission and they came at me with a blaze if glory. If u can get past the hiccups the
you will enjoy it

visualb5025d ago

glitches, and other problems -.5
same graphics as FO3 -.5

so if you enjoyed FO3 and just want more awesomeness, and don't mind the glitches, its probably a 9.5

-Judge_Fudge5025d ago

i totally agree u win 1 delicious point

Philoctetes5024d ago

The graphics are terrible and the engine actually runs worse than Fallout 3. That doesn't mean the game is broken or unplayable, but no way does this deserve a 9.5 or something like that.

likedamaster5024d ago

They had more than enough time to fix/iron out the bugs & glitches and failed to do so. If Fallout 3 is any indication of its quality, Save often and expect a lot of crashes. It doesn't deserve more than this score, in my opinion.

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silkrevolver5025d ago

...it weren’t so buggy, and almost a carbon copy of Fallout 3... I’m still wondering if I’m going to get this. I have Epic Yarn to beat still, and Rockband 3 next week. I’d say this is a Christmas gift sort of game for me...

jeseth5024d ago

. . . .have learned my lesson with games like this and will waity for the GOTY version next year.

Looks like a great game though if you love Bethesda games.