Xbox 360: Microsoft’s Kinect review embargo is a ‘RED FLAG!’

Kinect is Microsoft’s biggest push for the Xbox gaming division to date. The Xbox division could sink or swim depending on the success of the device. However, in an unusual move the company has been hesitant to send out the device for review.

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wat6343141d ago

They want to make kinect the perfect experience, I can understand why their hesitant.

Godmars2903141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

They've been promoting it for near onto two years now. At the very least its annoying that they've been so "open" yet now are doing an 11th hour news blackout. Lending argument that they're more interested in selling the ideal of Kinect rather then the actual product. That if they can shove them into enough homes quickly enough they can then use those sales numbers to convince people to buy more, nevermind that they're only making Wii-clone games.

Can someone explain to me why people are saying "duplicate story" when that story failed to be passed? Honestly don't expect this one to go through, but at some point it has to be accepted that MS wants a Kinect blackout is news.

ImpartialMan3140d ago


they are what you call Xbox fanboys..

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Bricks3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I dont understand what the big deal is. Many devs keep their cards close to their chest until close to launch. There are quite a few games (even recently) that had an embargo until the launch date. I cant grasp how this is a surprise or even a red flag to people.

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FlatulentGhost3140d ago

"I dont understand what the big deal is?"

Nintendo showed up at their first E3 with their Wiimote and real demos of games that were shipping quality. They then let everyone who was willing to stand in line play those very same games right there on the E3 show floor.

Complete and utter confidence in their product.


Two straight E3s getting caught faking Kinetic demos by gamers and the press because they were trying to pass off pre-scripted sequences where the actors pretending to play Kinetic did a poor job of faking. You could easily see where the pre-canned reactions happened before the input that was supposed to trigger it occured.

Then there was disastrous showing after disastrous showing where people complained about lag problems or lighting problems or clothes causing problems.

Then the absolutely absurd technical problems started coming out: only 2 players, can't play games while seated, a huge completely clear are required to use it, only tracks very coarse movements, etc.

And now Microsoft is trying to keep the press from reviewing this stinking pile of fail.

This is easily the biggest fiasco in console history.

JokesOnYou3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

It reads word for word just like the below link, with same source. It's submitted by a member who joined 3days ago,(dup account) and of course approved again, lol but who's counting.

lol, yesterday I posted plenty of links of kinect hands on preview and vids from many sites, "google is your friend" doesn't take long to see for yourself, that doesn't look like micro is trying to hide anything, nothing new for REviews to come only days before release.


edit: lol darkride thats the most bias BS I ever heard, this article cuts & pastes word for word from the article yesterday and offers no new info or source about kinect being withheld from journalists, if this was a negative duplicate article about ps3 you'd be jumping up and down asking why it was approved, but as the guy who just submitted this BS duplicate headline, your agenda is pretty clear, btw is "rrw" your latest dupe account?

"Xbox Kinect works perfectly well (if you live in a spotless mansion!)"

GreenRingOfLife3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Microsoft is doing all they can to finish up Kinect before releasing it

Microsoft isn't one to ship out a product too early, they want to wait until its perfect to release it

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hot4play3140d ago

Leave it to Microsoft to further degrade the video game industry.

(I wrote these things below, then I read your comment, I have the same sentiments:)

- Shoddy console hardware
- overpriced accessories
- limited DVD9 games
- pay to play online
- funding exclusive DLCs instead of exclusive games
- fishy Kinect marketing (Does it even work?? What is up with the review embargo???)

No, I do not have anything against XBOX FANS because I believe we as consumers have the right to choose and enjoy the games that we want to play BUT what I find annoying is the sheer length that fanboys will go to defend Microsoft's dubious business practices.

So yeah, if KINECT is PROVEN to work, I don't want it to fail because it will mean something for us gamers. But if the hardware does not work as advertised by MS, of course I would want it to fail.

inveni03140d ago

Honestly, I hope that everyone who dares to buy Kinect is 100% satisfied with their purchase. Beyond that, I'm not going to speculate any more. It's too late to keep speculating and too early to make a call.

blumatt3140d ago

Damn, that was well said. Oh there's a bubble for that. haha One bubble up for you, sir.

shroomz3140d ago

@GreenRingOfLife - Are you serious? What about the launch 360 consoles and every 360 for the next 3 years after launch? You know, THE most defective console in gaming history. Microsoft knew it was defective long before launch and even had techs involved in production request they fix the defects, so innocent consumers wouldn't get shafted. MS chose to continue production and launch a console they knew would breakdown. Even the repairs where done with defective parts.

It's a shame so many sheep got hooked on gamerscore and kept on buying the junk. A good strategy as it turned out for MS but at the expense of the consumer they pretend to care about.

ComboBreaker3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

And knowing Microsoft's history, this could be bad. Real bad.

No Way3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Noooooo! This is a PS3Fanboy nesting ground.. Don't argueeeee!
Your bubbles will drop faster than a sack of bricks!

DOMination3140d ago

Guys, unlike any of you I have actually used kinect albeit under Microsoft supervision in a big White room and the tech does work. If you're thinking it's going to fail due to it's restrictions then you'll end up disappointed because everyone entered that room skeptical and came out all thinking it was very cool. The one interesting thing though was the MS rep admitted they were aiming solely for the casual Market. Something MS really should come out and say publicly.

RumbleFish3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Anything in this vid looks retarded and gay. Exactly the kind of stuff die hard M$ fanboys desire.

LOL @ Peter Molineux: really cool fake! He made a fool out of himself.

Most of the things shown in these vids are not possible. Anybody who buys M$'s crap again has my pity.

If you search YouTube, you can easily find out, what kinect was supposed to be and what it will be, so in fact there's no need for a review embargo!

EDIT: I forgot to post this one: LOLOLOL!!!

pixelsword3140d ago

Games have plotlines and features that may be ruined if released, Kinect as a device needs to highlight features so people will know what they're getting into; which it totally opposite of what they are doing.

Therefore, it sounds like they don't want people to know what they're getting into.

falviousuk3140d ago

yes a very shady practice indeed, except that MS are touring several countries with the hardware and games letting people go hands on with it themselves, so how exactly are they hiding anything when i can drop by the nearest event and play it for myself instead of reading someone else's review which is just their opinion in the end.

coming to Edinburgh on the 30th October. Ill decide for myself, not judge what the experience is like by the juvenile comments on here

insomnium3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Great comments you guys (booch, godmars and others alike). Bubs up for all of you sane people.

Would you look at that. I have only 1 bubble. Thanks mods! I appreciate you wanting to silence me but there is nothing I can do when BS passes off as the truth. Noone can deny the s**t MS does and has already done in this gen.

I lost all my bubbles because I can't stand the bias towards MS (on the expense of gamers) on this site. It was fun for a while but ever since Halo Reach this site shuts every single user up who mentions something bad about MS and their partners. It doesn't matter if the arguments are VALID. Thou shalt not mock MS.

I'll say it takes about 1-5 minutes before this becomes offtopic or better yet a personal attack. OK mods do your magic.

Blitzed3139d ago

Those games still send out a review copy, the embargo is on publishing the review. This article is claming the units are not being sent out for review. There's a big differnce.

sikbeta3139d ago

Why MS does that, when they can bribe, pay to get scores, maybe cos it's difficult to hide all the problems of the add-on, who knows...

frostypants3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

"Lately, developer after developer have been claiming that Kinect works very well"

Show me a list of these developers and where they said this. It's the first I've heard of it.

People know a boondoggle when they see one. The frustration is the legion of non-true-gamer Microsoft buttlickers who refuse to believe that Bill Gates doesn't walk on water and poop rainbows.

Many of us do own 360s, you know. After many years of gaming, I just know crap when I see it. Explain the embargo. Embargo ALWAYS equals "hiding sh*t". Always.

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Oner3139d ago

There are some damned excellent comments/views/facts in here today. Bubs & Agrees to all those with sensibility and common sense.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

They tried to bury this story but it didn't work. We don't need to speculate on the capabilities of Kinect we've all seen the live demos and in each and every one of those video this thing fails miserably.

Sony is drinking your milkshake. :D

RageAgainstTheMShine3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Microsoft a lot of that $500,000,00.00 in cash get stuffed to gaming media mouths so they can shut up.

Because they can not control media in this situation.

Wow, look at what money can do.

And half of it will be spent for gaming sites to give Kinect a pleasant review after it gets to the hands of gaming media because the situation is more easy to control .

skyblue142133139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I totally agree and well said. You have basically summed it up on what I have thought over the years about microsoft and their xbox 360 business. A company should not have to rely on "smoke and mirrors" in selling their products. Microsoft's products should speak for themselves not the other way around like it has been since they started selling the xbox 360. Besides me being in disgust at their company and business tactics this just tells me that their products are inferior to their competitors, and that for any company is not good at all. And the only reason why they are still competitive with their competitors is because of their brainwashed american xbot followers and the fact that they throw money around and bribe people instead of investing that wasted money in their products.

InfectedDK3139d ago

Real talk:
Move PS3 > Wii Motion Plus > EyeToy PS2 > PSEye > Kinect

Some of the media:
Kinect/Justin Bieber AWWW you don't need controllers! Controller free.
Space technology here we come!

skyblue142133139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

You are right, not too long ago I gave a positive bubble to an n4g member's truthful comment that put microsoft and their xbox 360 business in a negative light, and not too long after I got a warning message from an n4g moderater to not give a positive bubble to comments like that, they gave me no explanation and just said to not do it anymore. Of course I am not going to be dictated by them and will continue doing what I have always done.

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Makidian3141d ago

If reviews don't drop in the next week or so then there is a serious problem and they are trying to keep the public from it. If it's as great as they claim they should be shipping truckloads of these things to journalists, bloggers, anybody that can give them good press.

vsr3140d ago

about the quality and truth

falviousuk3140d ago

@ Makidian exactly how are they keeping the public from it when they are showing it off by touring several countries and letting people go hands on with it themselves.

Stupid fanboy mentality abounds in here.

nnotdead3139d ago

you're missing the point. MS is demoing Kinect using the most optimal conditions, and a lot of what i've seen from said conditions isn't great. what people really want to know is how it works in everyday real world situations. a lot of people here believe this is where the Kinect will fail, and the reviewers will stress these points.

i myself don't care how well Kinect does. same with the Move. both need to show games that appeal to me. neither have shown or brought out anything i truly care about as of right now.

frostypants3139d ago

Yes, they've toured it in public places with optimal conditions, and people have been generally very underwhelmed. Your point?

Kleptic3139d ago

There is absolutely no evidence of this being 'the next big thing' yet...but MS is king when it comes to ad money, and will stop at nothing to get kinect plastered all over everything...

what they seem to be trying is creating another wii...problem is, most of the hype and casual market place earned by the wii came from it being the first device of its kind widely available (many state the eyetoy was first, but that was a simple peripheral that never got much attention as a standalone device)...

so what are they doing?...trying to create a wii like phenomenon by having better graphics and online support, but with less overall functionality, and no 'tangible' device to hold...EVERYONE has been underwhelmed by it that has used it so far, but all of these people are not really the type of gamers that are looking for this type of experience...

its whether or not our grandparents like it...or Ellen...those are the crowds that could go nuts...not one hardcore gamer on earth will give a 1/4 of a shit about kinect if it ends up the way most people think it will (the single most casual gaming device ever created)...but MS doesn't care in the first place, as its not for their core audience, its for the wii audience...

there is no way to spin it though...just as the article states, embargos up till launch day, and media black outs and threats are NEVER a good sign...just look at FFXIV recently...same thing...SE tried to hold reviews back 'until its better bla bla bla', and it did was a floater on arrival...kinect will be a floater to people that actually enjoy playing video games...but may not be to people that are looking for something else to do rather than online bingo...

My guess is that if Home and Garden magazine wanted to do a review for bored housewives...MS would be all about it, letting them print the review 6 months ago...but when its a review from people that enjoy and understand the fundamental fun in playing video games...MS pulls sheet over their eyes until the device is on shelves and impulse buying has already begun...

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3140d ago
tacosRcool3140d ago

Trying to overhype the averageness of it

bustamove3140d ago

Well said hot4play, I agree.

jden283140d ago

Look this guy is just a blogger that believes he's a journalist thus entitled to "FREE HARDWARE" he didn't get it now he's pissed...Thats it & if you think that embargo's on review's of major releases is anything but "NORMAL" you've been living on another planet.... Every major release x360 & ps3 has been embargo'd up until it's release... The only time any game or anything else get pre-release reviews is when the developer desires this because the item is heavily under funded in marketing.... Besides that Any respectable news site Did get review kits....m$ost is not trying to hide kinect it's on a freekin nationwide tour and on display in thousands of locations for you to try out yourself.....Greedy Fake Press make me sick...

mantisimo3140d ago

......Just how each review site deals with Kinect.

It may be an eye opener as to just how honest reviewers actually are and which side they are biased towards.

Also so many depend on Microsofts (and others) revenue from advertising and good will for the next product to review, It will be interesting indeed to see what they do actually say.

jden283140d ago

Your right it will be interesting....Lots of so called web reviewers are nothing but fanboys for one system or ther other, But there are a couple of reviewers that I do respect because they are gamers and not fanboys people like Jeff Gershman on or Adam Sesler from X-play.

3140d ago Replies(6)
Traylor43140d ago

You have got to be kidding, what they have shown so far is nothing short of ridiculous. I think the Tech could be amazing, but sonething is wrong at this point. Microsoft is relying on it's marketing push to sell this product. This has disaster written all over it!!!

hennessey863140d ago

another kinect artical for the trolls to have a field day in

gman_moose3139d ago

Microsoft = Communist China .... or so it would seem. The alarming thing to me was them making Destructoid take down criticisms of their commercials. What the hell happened to free speech?

TVippy3139d ago

They know it's shitty... =)

Scary693139d ago

@ Wat634

Damn dude you are that delusional huh? I cannot wait to see the reviews on this when gaming journalist get to try it out..lmao

Lykon3139d ago

Post natal depression because the baby turned out ugly

skyblue142133139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Your avatar coupled with your comment says it all on who your biased towards, so your comment is taken with a grain of salt by me and any other unbiased person that knows who that person is in your avatar. Thanks for the laugh in combination with your avatar and your comment, lol. Typical xbot trying to put a reason or excuse on something that has no reason or excuse to begin with, lol.

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niceguywii603141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

PS3 fanboys are trying to be sneaky about using that same article that is recycled from other anti MSFT blogs. Trying to get revenge based on Sony's behavior(MOVE SALES DATA) is the only piece of mind they can get from this terrifying situation Sony and camp is in. There will be plenty of anti Kinect reviews attacking the device due to its game changing ability, you guys should wait to troll those real articles based on biased skewed hate.

rrw3141d ago

i just post the SFW site instead NSFW

zootang3140d ago

Move has sold 2m. Microsoft wanted 3m kinect sales by the end of the year.

Ilikegames763140d ago

reach that number if they start giving it out for free.

Graey3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I would give the kinect thing a shot. Personally I have both systems, last game I played...Reach.

Probably get Gears, because I liked the second one.
Fable always has been over hyped, and underwhelming in its promises. Not saying the game isn't good. Just that the guy peter whatever his name is, always over states what his game will do only to have it do less.

That out of the way, part of me wants the people to go in with skepticism when buying this thing, but I fear that won't happen.

We all know deep down that Kinect is not for the Hard Core...the Core gamer as it where. So that's something that we should def take note of. I think this whole war thing between consoles is stupid really. Its all an Ego based thing, but If you must have this war have it in a constructive way that doesn't shade the facts and what's really going on.

If Kinect succeeds(product wise not sales wise) then it should be given its proper respect. But don't pretend and don't assume. Just wait until it hits and then judge for yourself.

When does Kinect launch anyway?

Scary693139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Well MS already gave 3M to Oprah who just gave them to her audience..lmao They had to have paid her a couple of millions though..haha

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Anon19743140d ago

While that article you mentioned does have some overlap, this article offers much more discussion on the issue - which is what articles do. It's obviously not a duplicate but an article written discussing the same issue. Do you report every single review from different sources as duplicate if one review has already been posted? This is a different take.

And the issue is a relevant one. Like the article mentioned, when movie company's hold back movies for reviews or slap review embargos - you know there are serious issues. If Microsoft was solidly behind the product it would be in the hands of as many reviewers as possible this close to launch, but instead Microsoft won't let the people who know about games to review the item, instead choosing to get it into the hands of Oprah.

As gamers this should raise a red flag, and this is something that gamers should be talking about - not trying to bury the issue like Microsoft is. Microsoft has to know how this looks and yet they're doing it anyway. There's nothing good about this.

boing3140d ago

Funny how some people are fishing anything negative on the net mostly concerning kinect

diatom3140d ago

Its not hard to find....

BARF3139d ago

look at all the disagrees people are getting for being pro xbox. god you ps3 kids are pathetic. all the droids say xbox users are the sheep, but ps3 idiots clammer together for any anti xbox article they can troll. people on this site are just scumbags.

LarsoVanguard3139d ago

Read any PS3-related articles lately? The 360 kids do the same thing. Learn to separate real comments from fanboy ones and you might stop taking other people's opinions so personally.

BARF3139d ago

the 360 kids are not the same thing. they arent even close on this site. just stop with that bs.

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Ivan Drago IV3141d ago

Stop making excuses for m$, Jesus.. Move was getting reviews almost 2 weeks before release, Sony knew they had the more superior product

Motorola3141d ago

Yeah sony knew they had the better product hence them "welcoming comparisons" i think they got a good deal on hardware :D

ingiomar3140d ago

It depends on what you mean with ''superior'' since they are completely different.


Dancing games are clearly superior on kinect.

Shooters,RPG(sorcery) sports games like Bowing an a lot more are superior with move.

So it really depends on what you mean with ''Superior''

for Hardcore Gamers that don't play party-games Move is the way to go.

For a lot of casuals and to some extent core gamers(refering to the 5 core titles announced at TGS) Kinect is the way to go.


Stop the dancing games argument please.

Anyone with a brain could see that Dance Central is a action for animation kind of game, just like Guitar Hero, Rock Band and others in the like.

In most games what you see in the screen is an animation caused by your actions.

In this games the animation (or music if it is rock band or guitar hero) is already there, you input your action and if it's considered right the animation (or music) will go on and your score will go up, if the input is considered wrong a fail movement (or a dead note) will be introduced.

Just like in GH and RB you are not playing a music, what you press makes little to no sense, that's why you don't have a free play/compositor mode. We can expect Just Dance to not have a free dance mode too, since it don't understand your moves as dance and wouldn't know how to replicate it in screen, it can only judge your moves based on what it expects for a silhouette at a moment.

This isn't a dacing game, it's a dancing scorer, the game won't track your moves, you will be mimicking what you see in the screen and be judged. No more, no less.

The Lazy One3140d ago

bishop. The dancer on screen isn't you. You are on the side.

you can see in the video there.

NecrumSlavery3140d ago

I never noticed how much Dance Central is fake. Your the retarted blob of colors to the right! This int a dance game, just pose for each position. you dont have to dance at all...FAIL

raztad3140d ago

You dont play Dance Central, Dance Central plays you

aaron58293140d ago

both "sytems" use cameras.. one gives an option to use a controller.

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CharlesDCI3140d ago

Keep in mind also that Sony held tons of Blog events for the Move well before it released. In other words, the public got a chance to "review" the Move too.

NecrumSlavery3140d ago

Move equaled 1 year of awesome tech demos
Kinect was a year of prerendered vids, actors & elephants? why?

frostypants3139d ago

To be fair, elephants are pretty cool.

What do you say when you want to distract someone from something unpleasant? "HEY LOOK, ELEPHANT!".

Microsoft simply took it all the way. :-)

YellowLightofDeath3140d ago

Yes, its fairly easy to get out your hardware to reviewers when you've completely cloned a previous product. And cloning a proven motion control with stellar sales doesnt hurt either.