Oprah's Audience goes WILD for Kinect (Video)

When Microsoft goes all out they really go all out. Oprah gave a nice plug for Kinect today on her show and gave everyone in the audience a free Xbox 360 + Kinect. The audience goes wild.

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niceguywii603140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Holy sh*T!!! can you say YOUR SHAPE FITNESS EVOLVED will be replacing wiifit in the woman demographic. Casuals and families are going to adopt this like they did the Wii. Gamers will be fighting soccer moms over this this holiday.

seij5553140d ago

Have fun not playing any real games, weirdo.

NastyLeftHook13140d ago

i can see the busniess side of things microsoft got right advertising on oprah's tv show but when it comes to a gamers perspective...this is one of the most incompetent pieces of hardware/software i have seen in a very long time, since the power glove, and ive been gaming for years now, im probably older than anyone here.

JeffGUNZ3140d ago

Kinect hasn't even launched yet. The games that are launching are for the casual market. This is going to be a huge success. It might not be up your alley, but your insignificant to all the people who WILL like it.

frostypants3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

The scary part? We STILL haven't seen a good demo.

Explain this to me: Oprah is giving these out already. So some of the games are obviously ready and playable.

Yet, no reviews? Oprah's audience gets them, but critics don't? Or, the critics have them, yet are strangely silent. Either way...

Can you say "EMBARGO"? You know what this typically means, right?

It's what gaming companies and movie studios typically do when their product sucks and they want people to make uninformed purchase decisions. SE did it with Final Fantasy XIV.

MrMccormo3140d ago

Sales! Sales! Sales!

I wanna see some games for the 360 in general, because Gears 3 (not interested anyway) and Forza (also not interested) are the only things coming out.

Kill Crow3140d ago

tapping new markets ... just like the wii did ...

MrMccormo3140d ago

@ killcrow

hahahhah! "tapping new markets"? You realize that Oprah has handed out Nintendo Wiis on multiple occasions, right? And just like the Wii, these soccer moms will plug it in, play it for a month, and then throw it in the closet.

Chubear3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

360 gamers don't give a damn about gaming; they just want MS to "win" and will support ANYTHING MS puts out just to save face.

How any gamer can see that and be joyed is beyond me. When I see something like Kinect potentially going to make money, something, as a gamer, dies inside me.

THIS is where you want developers to think we want gaming to go uh? This is where we want console manufacturers to think we want our gaming hardware to be uh?

God help gaming, God help us all.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

They would have reacted the same way if they were just given a free PS3/Move. It's free shit.

Oh this must be the core audience MS is always talking about.


Nice fanboy good job. You've never played with it yourself yet you're call it amazing. While every video showing of the technology show just how badly this thing fails......gaming on rails is spectacular!

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wat6343140d ago


Kinect IS Amazing!

Dramscus3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Any game related anything that goes on the oprah show gets an automatic fail from yours truly.
I'm sorry if you dig the thing but just sayin, 30-50 something mothers are not gamers I want swaying the market.

Edit @ green ring. With 500 million dollors and a press review blackout.

GreenRingOfLife3140d ago

Wow, the demand for kinect is still growing!!!

People are SO pumped for KINECT I still dont know how Microsoft did it.

karl3140d ago

by lying of course.. what u think?

zeeshan3140d ago

Crazy bitches will go crazy after anything free! :D

I kid I kid!

darthv723140d ago

will they set it up or wait till xmas?

UnSelf3140d ago

um doesnt these ppl know that the audience at these talk shows are instructed to get hype over any and everything??

Genuine excitement doesnt exist

AngryTypingGuy3140d ago

The Wii will probably stay #1 among the casual audience because

1) it's price - casual gamers want to pay a casual price
2) it's simplicity - let's face it, to many casual gamers, the 360 and the PS3 probably seem intimidating

I will say though that having Kinect pushed on Oprah was a very, very smart move. I don't think Kinect will replace the Wii, but it will be a huge success nonetheless.

inveni03140d ago

It will be a success for Microsoft...not for the industry.

MuleKick3140d ago

Well, Microsoft has successfully sold about 5m units of Kinect with that move. Oprah's following is like a cult. I think Kinect will be a major success. Gamers will suffer however. I don't see it bringing anything to Core games but, like the Wii, the casual audience will go crazy for it.

EeJLP-3140d ago

Dumb @ss audience didn't even hear what they were getting before they started cheering.

And why are 30, 40, 50 year old women cheering about getting a game system anyway? They're cheering like she just gave them a new car or house.

Pandemic3140d ago

I'm pretty sure they were cheering for the console itself, not Kinect.....

AngryTypingGuy3140d ago

I don't see how gamers will "suffer" because of Kinect. I really don't think that MS is going to stop coming out with hardcore games anytime soon. They know who their bread and butter is, they're just trying to get a bigger piece of the whole pie. Besides, I wouldn't be surprise if MS introduces a peripheral in the future that works with Kinect to deliver a more core experience, similar to how PS Move works with the PS Eye.

BulletToothtony3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

no wonder MS is saying that they're gonna have a hard time meeting demand..

they're giving them out for free!!!

danfry3140d ago

Hang on I just disagreed with you, but actually you are right. Kinect IS Amazing-ly bad.

JeffGUNZ3140d ago

YOu got to be kidding me. Look at our economy. A $300 system for free for their children this holiday season when money is tight is something to be excited for. Unless you have proof that they are instructed to go crazy over aynthing, then it's just speculation and sounds a little pathetic.

wanaraceu3140d ago

Maaan! Does not say much really. If oprah farted the crowd would be jumping around trying to sniff every last bit of fart air comming out of oprahs hiny hole laughing and singing for joy

orange-skittle3140d ago

Are you that dumb or just playing. Just because Oprah gave them out for free doesn't mean MS gave them it for free. Even if they did, that's a small price to pay for free marketing on one of TV's biggest influential personalities.

As far as EMBARGO goes. Just because they are getting it doesn't mean they walk away with it that day. I am sure the all got tickets to receive it on release day.

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mikhail_tisoy3140d ago ShowReplies(3)
Knushwood Butt3140d ago

They gave away free 360s at E3, but everyone still said Kinect was crap regardless.

Amphion3140d ago

"I believe the real success with Kinect and core gamers will be a hybrid using the Kinect/Controller. Imagine it using the head tracking ability during a game like Medal of Honor(or any FPS) to peek around corners or throw grenades."

Camera = check
Physical controller input device = check want Kinect to become the PlayStation Move. :)

DMason3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

You act as though I'm saying that will be the only way to use Kinect. I'm talking in terms of one of the many purposes it could serve. Playstation Move is a Wiimote, right? Soooooo, Playstation Move is a Wii then? By your standards, yes.

Use your brain. Not only can it be used as a controller free device, but a hybrid also. Especially for the people that complain that you need to have buttons. Tracking your body in a game while using a controller and cognitively responding to situations would make the immersion that much more real.

But then again, I reserve my judgments for the final product. I don't make assumptions about and product that has not been released. Which is what a lot of people around here like to do.

Amphion3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

"Playstation Move is a Wiimote, right? Soooooo, Playstation Move is a Wii then? By your standards, yes."

Ok, let's try this again:


Physical controller input device = check
Camera = um....ahhh.... eerrgg.... donde esta la cámara

tinybigman3140d ago ShowReplies(3)
gta28003140d ago

I wouldn't be too happy if these old hags were lining up to get 360's. Have fun with these old fossils on xbox live lol.

Dr-ZOOM3140d ago

Less sceaming more squirting

tinybigman3140d ago

man there are some sensitive people in here hahaha. giving away something is not the way to win over gamers showing that the product actually works is. and so far kinect has not proven that.

Scary693140d ago

If they were giving you this piece of shit for free you would be excite too, they don't have to pay for crap they are getting it FREE!

TheGameFoxJTV3140d ago

Hell yea I'd be excited, I'd be able to pawn it off to some obsessed 360 Fan Boy for an insane amount of money on E-bay. lol

aceitman3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

something like this they didnt even get this excited when they got a free car i smell ms money for over excitement i think its all ms employees im not trolling either i pre ordered one but come on that excited it just seems fishy to me after all half a billion dollars can go in pockets too .

Kurt Russell3140d ago

Lol, you don't honestly believe that do you? That's a fucking retarded statement.

Yeah Kinect is a pile of toss, but that doesn't mean you had to be lobotomized before trolling N4G does it?

danfry3140d ago

I'm sure they pump a cocaine based gas into the crowd on American chat shows. They're always so scarily hyped up.

number473140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

And ban comments from destructioid that give negative press.

Only 360 fans folks..only 360 fans. Its sad to see gaming is no longer about working devices & games, but being butthurt over a dead xbox1.

I could see being excited if Kinect actually worked & had 17 launch titles, but it cant even do that. Safe to say that Microsoft "wins" this game that they are playing. Sony & Nintendo will Win the game of providing good gaming hardware & software to people.

Hats off to you Microsoft. You've won. At this point, we don't even need gaming hardware. Just a cardboard box with 500 million in advertising attached to it.

Bzone243140d ago Show
number473140d ago

I guess Move & Kinect have something in common then. As you don't need a 360 to flail your arms in your living room without 1:1 body recognition.

But even when combined with a 360 Kinect doesn't work.

DevastationEve3140d ago

But you guys are fine buying a console with the promise of GT 5...5 years later?

Guess what. You are all now FIVE YEARS OLDER! Anybody get married? Anybody got kids? Anbody got a job?


DXM13140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Troll much, or simply never been to math class? Xbox 360 at launch = 300$ (Cheapest version). Xbox live for 5 years = $250 extra. If you bought the cheapest xbox at launch (RROD Edition), you have paid 550$. And your console cant do blu-ray, wifi, and has shitty battery powered controllers. + RROD and ugly power brick. Also, it will only get more expensive from now on thanks to xbox live which is now 60$ a year. And yes we have waited 5 years for GT5 and it doesnt matter, because quality takes time. You have halo and gears on xbox 360. Great to have a console to play 2 games and pay for xbox live kiddo. Hope you are enjoying it. + dealing with 5 year old kids on xbox live. lol.

Oh and no one has been sitting doing nothing these 5 years. PS3 has better exclusives, so not much to be added to that.

Scotland-The-Brave3140d ago

Cough* alan wake *cough
BTW what games are you waiting for from microsoft next year......
............................. ......................... *crickets*.........

zimain3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

If you hate 360 so much and you hate kinect (obviously move is far better since Sony didn't jump on the band wagon much)

Then why are you in a 360 kinect article giving it the beans!!??

I've read the GT5 articles and comments and other ps3 related articles through genuine interest, and I have seen how the 360 fans get flamed for being there, when they're clearly there to gloat or troll if you will.

And yet here are all, the Sony he b!ches spouting how crap this thing is without the slightest understanding about it or it's uses and yet
a, you have never used
b, it isn't out yet
c, is totally different from your wii mote rip off
o and btw it's funny how it took MS and Nintendo to show Sony how to do this properly.
Here you are slamming it because its not "hardcore"!

At least this is different, trying to change how people interact with their entertainment systems.

If you're not interested then GTFO, some people are and its terrible that just because you think you have the "better" system and the "better" exclusives doesn't mean you get to trash talk everything that you don't like, understand or even comprehend, if your "console" is soooo good why o why is it constantly in the 360's shadow!?

MS used their heads and got ahead of Sony this gen who thought they had it in the bag, well they don't in-fact they have been pretty much out paced from the word go and not just from MS.

It's funny how stupid you all sound saying something is "crap" and yet we haven't even seen it working yet, Sony tried this a few years ago with the eye toy, it failed, miserably... why!? marketing, content support there was nothing for it!! a few crappy games.

This time MS is having a go and they're serious this thing could redefine gaming as we know it, and thats what you fan boys don't like, CHANGE!

Its also great that you simpletons don't see the big picture about the $500 million in advertisements, I am totally dumbfounded by how short-sighted you Sony fan girls are and can see how Sony have been able to take you for a ride for the last 10 years

let me spell this out

$500 million in advertisement
Oprah endorsing Kinect
Millions of Kinect Sell install base becomes massive
Larger install base = larger developer following = more games = more money

MS are taking their 5 year old console 10 years funny how the "future proof" ps3 is already being replaced with the "ps4" and its not even 5 years old yet

Yes I'm MS fanboy only because of the constant BS from Sony and their "honesty" please when will you learn!?

If you are not interested then "don't read!!"

If I get flamed So be it... bring it

DXM13140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

No one taught you how to write concisely? You wrote a freaking novel over here (which i havent bothered to read). In my opinion, the only constructive way to have a discussion is to ignore people who have different opinions (and in this case the WRONG opinion from an xbot), and simply move on to assert my point over and over again. I will drill it into your head until you accept it as the truth.

Yes its true i like my PS3, because it F***** owns! I dont have a 360, but if i did have one, even an imaginary one, i imagine it would RROD daily, and print out pictures of Bill Gates dick over and over again. This would waste paper and would not be "eco-friendly" by any stretch of the imagination, as you might have understood by now.

Moving on, I will choose to laugh at You and your xbox buddies because its the fu*king console war dumbass! And in case you havent realized it yet, you are in the opposing camp! Furthermore, i say we step it up and meet up and sort this out in person. Ill bash a huge X into your forehead with my baseball bat and we call it a day.

Come on man, what do you say? Cant we resolve it like adult gamers? Pm me where You would like to meet and your weapon of choice you coward.

Edit: Oh and + 1 disagree / -1 bubble for trolling you clown! It is clear to me that you need a severe attitude readjustment. Dont you dare to call me a Sony fanboy. I am an informed consumer with extreme love for sony (if it was a woman id marry her). Thats all. What kind of world we live in where people no longer permit other people to love? I hope You take this time to look in the mirror and think about who you are because You sir, are a MONSTER!

JeffGUNZ3140d ago

Congrats. We just found the biggest nerd on this site. You should be proud of that accomplishment.

You sound real tough threatening people on a gaming site. I bet your HOME AVATAR has a "tough guy" persona. Truth is, you're what's wrong with this world and I wish your parents wore a condom the night they conceived you.

zimain3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

So you haven't read my comment and asume it's wrong because "this nasty man is talking about my ps3 mommy" "he must be wrong!" no mate im not

I think you will find that the PS3 and Sony started the console war, after winning 2 gens quite easily assumed they would beat this one but to have their beloved "platinum trophy" taken away for lack of effort

The fact that you want to "drill it into my skull", and meet me in the street to "duke it out" just proves you did read it and you're infuriated about every single point being right.

I will be laughing at you sir for your blind commitment to a Sony that have lead you down the garden path with the PS3 only to ask more money off you in the future for a PS4 and hope that it is anywhere near the hit the 360 has been, and also the belief that kicking the snot out of me would make you feel better or correct, when deep down all you want to do is throw a tantrum

now please no one feed the troll

ETA: couple of spellings lol

Dnied3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )


edit: it gets cut off =(

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alien6263140d ago

i wonder how much M$ payed the audiance from the $500 million

Kurt Russell3140d ago

Someone take the keyboard away from this retard.

JeffGUNZ3140d ago

hahahahah Kurt, best comment so far.

Strikepackage Bravo3140d ago

will be huge this holiday, I know that makes most of you very upset, as is evident by your angry and irrational posts. But that will not stop Kinect from absolutely dominating holiday 2010. Not a motion control fan myself but it will be fun to watch everyone else enjoying themselves.

Seijoru3140d ago

Is it opposite day today 'cause if it isn't then you need to get back on your meds.

Lyr1c3140d ago

Man......Gamestop is going to get huge bucks for reselling all of those used Kinects after Christmas.

Jaces3140d ago

well it's free so who wouldn't be excited? lol

JOLLY13140d ago

And you get a 360....and you get a 360....and ou get a 360 :P

EvilBlackCat3140d ago

mmm? ok that was scary.

A LOT OF GROWN UP WOMANS going crazy for that shit...

ok its the end of times, i bet this is in revelations somewhere.

TengkuAmir103140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

It's written in the Bible...Jesus of Nazareth said " the end of times, old hags will go crazy over something that doesn't even work"...*coughs* XBOX 360 *coughs*.....O ye who believe!"

RankFTW3140d ago

Nostradamus predicted this shit.

Bathyj3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I dont know why this makes you so happy.

Yes Kinect is probably going to sell heaps, but whose it selling too?

Have you thought about whether you want to be gaming against Mums and Nanas.

Are you really going to be bragging when Xbox sells 60M units but 20M of them arent gamers?

Do you really want 2 of the 3 console makers, ignoring the hardcore?

At least it might clean XBL up, for evey prepubencent kid dropping N-Bombs you'll get a mother saying "Jimmy, dont use that language on the internet."

darthv723140d ago

"Are you really going to be bragging when Xbox sells 60M units but 20M of them arent gamers?"

That right there just described the ps3 when it came out. More were sold (presumably) for their bluray movie abilities than games. I had to laugh at that one.

I get what ur saying bathy but hey, this is a different gen and people who dont game are now gaming. regardless of the game, the more that play for fun means more interest and revenue for the entertainment medium than before. It will be bigger than movies, music and porn (maybe).

douchedebater3140d ago

You walked right into that one.

I am really suprised you slipped up that easily with you trolling skills; very sloppy indeed.

We all know you are a PS3 fanboy, but what I have notices also is that the higher class PS3 fanboys seem to know what to troll and what not to. Trolling this article simply makes one seem like a jealous little girl.

And what's with all the anger against middle age moms, I know most teen-agers hate their parents but damn, these guys are pissed.