Fallout New Vegas Errors, Crashes,Freezes and Fixes

Fallout New Vegas has just been released and already, they are many who are facing game breaking issues. Errors, crashes, freezes, low performance on the game, Fallout New Vegas save bug, and lot of other issues that are needed to be address by the developer, Obsidian.

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Moonboots5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

I've been playing the 360 version for about 4 hours and I've had to restart the game twice. Both times I approached an NPC that didn't move but was taking damage and making noise then the game would just lock.

I'm VERY disappointed in the bug ridden code in this release. I know Bethesda doesn't have the best rep when it comes to buggy games but having complete freezes is game breaking and unacceptable. I hoped Obsidian would do a better job but it seems more buggy than FL3 to me.

Btw - I have a 360 Elite that has zero problems and I am running the game off of HDD. Disc looks fine no visable scratches.

Christopher5027d ago

Just had my first freeze after about an hour of play. Wasn't even intense and nothing was happening on screen.

I'll play it some more later, but if this is the gist of it, Bethesda is going to have to win me over with a show of proof that their future games they back aren't an issue. And, yeah, I know it was Obsidian that made this, but the result squarely falls on the shoulders of the people who own the IP and are in charge of making sure the best product is released.

HolyOrangeCows5027d ago

I believe I'll wait for a couple patches before buying. I'll probably get it used, too; I don't want to support games that launch like that.

Jaces5027d ago

I have the game already to go, but this is one reason I haven't touched it yet. I'll wait for some patches before I begin my journey without the worry of a freezing game, that and I'm still trying to Plat Dead Rising 2 ;P

wat6345027d ago

Thats bethesda for you.

Well, best be waiting for a patch then.

Motorola5027d ago

this is OBSIDIAN. not Bethesda, OBSIDIAN. geez dont you people know who made the game? BETHESDA made 2 GOTYs Oblivion and F3. not this!

NYC_Gamer5027d ago

bethesda allowed them to put out this buggy piece of shit

MexicanAppleThief5027d ago

Yes, but it was made on the same buggy engine as Fallout 3 and other recent Bethseda titles.

Luckily I'm getting the PC version, so hopefully the modding community will make quick work of this.

Motorola5027d ago

yeah your right about bethesda letting them. but obsidian should have done SOMETHING

Motion5027d ago

Yeah, the engine is still Bethesda's, so I had no doubts the game would be full of bugs. I'm actually here because I wanted to ask this of anyone who is playing this on PC-

Does the game still have terrible memory leaks, causing your framerate to steadily drop down to unplayable levels over a period of time (hour or so) while out doors? Or did they finally patch that?

phantomexe5027d ago

bethesda is just as bad motor or have you forgoting oblivion and fallout 3. There useing bethesdas engine....(Some peoples kids)

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Ocelot5255027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

just like I foretold...

they all laughed at me(actually disagreed) but now reality proves me right: FO:NV is a bugfest

This is why I will wait a year until the GOTY releases. Bugs completely ruin the experience of a game, bugs do you remind that you are playing a game and not a real sole wanderer in a wasteland.

romancer5027d ago

I am playing the 360 version installed to my HD.

I have had no freezes or gltches so far. But the night is young....

BrianC62345027d ago

Isn't it always best to wait at least a month to buy a game from these guys? It seems like all of their games are buggy from day one.

DizzyDino5027d ago

and have not had a problem except my pre order code wouldn't work when i got the game at 10am but it works now.

segmentnext5027d ago

Pre coder code issue was fixed by the developer later.

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