Kotaku: The Shoot Review

The Shoot is the sort of quick and easy take on shooters that the PS3 has long lacked. The fun visuals, clever enemy design and trio of power-ups combine to make this particular light gun game fun to play without weighing it down with unnecessary depth, story or clutter. But The Shoot's sometimes sluggish controls becomes an annoyance as players get past the initial discovery of the levels and try to master the game.

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Chango3134d ago

more like shoot a wad

cochise3133134d ago

this looks pretty fun. very casual though.

blackburn53134d ago

Don't remember anyone ever saying anything about it being sluggish.I don't trust Kotaku at all. I will play it a see for myself

Sackdude3134d ago

Who trusts a site that has negative PS3 everyday.

remember the GT5 long load times? (Kotaku slowed the video down to make GT5 looks like it has looooong load times.)

SuperStrokey11233134d ago

In all fairness they posted a copy that was slowed down, they didnt slow it down themselves. Not defending kotaku at all, just that they are no entirely guilty on that issue, how the handled it was terrible though lol.

fr0sty3134d ago

I have it, it's not sluggish at all. It's actually quite fun to play.

westy5523134d ago

Yeah I played the demo and it was heaps of fun, I didnt find anything that was sluggish.

Must a say Kotaku though, they FAIL horribly.

Redempteur3134d ago

Well i have the demo with my move and it doesn't feel sluggish IMO.

TheLastGuardian3134d ago

I wan't impressed with the demo. I'm going to skip this one.