Monster Lab uncovered for Nintendo Wii

Salon.p-Nintendo has scooped the first details of a brand new game being brought to the Nintendo Wii by Eidos Interactive. Described as an action RPG with a heavy focus on Nintendo Wi-Fi usage, it's certainly looking interest. We've got the first details and screenshots below.

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Rooftrellen4071d ago

It will be interesting to see it be deeper than Pokemon. It looks like only 3 types of monsters (though I would assume many different types of attacks, and probably varying weaknesses and resistances), while Pokemon has 17, and with the multiple typings on one Pokemon and nearly infinate possibilities for a team, I'll be interested to see them make it more of a challenge to master.

I'll hold my judgement, though, and, besides, I like this kind of game, so I can't talk bad about it yet, anyway. I just hope they can deliver what they promise, and, if they can, add another huge game to the Wii list of upcomming titles.

LrdApoc4071d ago

I'd love to see some modern version of EA's old Mail order Monsters... I wonder if this could fill that void in my gaming life:)